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  • 12600 Twinbrook Pkwy North Bethesda, MD 20852, USA - North Bethesda
    Due to improperly configured light timing at Fishers Lane and Ardennes Ave along Twinbrook Pkwy traffic is very congested even during non-peak hours. Drivers on Twinbrook Pkwy often sit, gridlocked, at these two lights as they complete a full cycle with little or no traffic entering from the side roads. The traffic light timing needs to be adjusted here to ease congestion.
  • 110 North Washington Street Rockville, MD - Rockville
    Power to our office building at 110 North Washington Street has gone out 4 times since the beginning of the year, most recently on Friday, August 2 and Monday, August 5. The power outages have not been due to weather issues, but apparently have been caused by transformer problems which PEPCO has had to come out and fix. Could these problems be due to surges? Problems with insufficient infrastructure and growth taking place in Rockville? I really cannot even begin to pretend to understand what is causing these outages (and in truth, nobody is taking the time to explain it to us), but as a small business, we cannot afford to lose the days of work we have lost this year. We want to know whether PEPCO is taking proactive measures to ensure that the transformers are sufficient to support the buildings which work off of them.
  • 226 Pender Place Rockville , MD - Rockville

    She could also use help with the area in front of the town house if the assoication does not shovel. She could also use help shoveling around her car. The car is a Buick (20 feet or so).


  • Street Repair Archived
    Halpine & E.Jefferson Rockville, Maryland - Rockville
    Pothole on northbound e. Jefferson just south of the corner with Halpine Rd.
  • E Jefferson St Rockville, MD - Rockville
    There's a dangerous pothole in the rightmost eastbound lane. We got two flat tires and a bent rim from it last night, and while waiting for the tow truck saw two more crippled cars have to pull over with flat tires. This can't be a new issue given the size of the pothole (square-ish, roughly 2' by 1' and filled with water making it invisible last night). Must be fixed immediately.
  • 1645-1699 East Jefferson Street Rockville, MD - Rockville

    Edit: This has been "fixed" twice now, by dumping more patching asphalt into the holes. When is this going to be fixed properly and not just given a band-aid? 2 weeks ago a deep pothole formed at the edge of a fix and I watched a motorcyclist nearly wreck after driving into it. The whole section needs to be cut out and repaved - not just patched. There is too much bus traffic here for that to work.

    2 dangerously large potholes from a failed repair right here. Just watched a car bottom out and drag its undercarriage here.

  • Rockville Pike And Talbott St Rockville, MD - Rockville
    Pothole far right lane southbound on rockville pike in front of talbott center shopping plaza
  • 714 Shetland Street Rockville, MD 20851, USA - Rockville

    Lots of snow


  • Street Repair Archived
    751 Twinbrook Pkwy Rockville, Maryland - US Congressional District MD8
    deep pothole beside the pedestrian blob in front of the driveway from Broome MS
  • 12523 Linda View Lane Potomac, MD - Rockville
    Despite being in a brand new neighborhood, this new rusting fire hydrant is a disgusting eyesore, looks like it was last cleaned and painted a hundred years ago. Everyone I have called about this says it's not their department who handles the cleaning or painting of fire hydrants.
  • West Montgomery Avenue Rockville, MD - Rockville

    1) Motorists traveling east on MD 28 (W Montgomery Avenue) frequently race through yellow/red light and/or block crosswalk at Nelson St and MD 28.
    2) Motorists exiting I-270 fail to completely stop for right turn on red and do not yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk (crossing the I-270 off-ramp).
    3) Motorists exiting I-270 fail to yield to pedestrians with illuminated walk signal crossing MD 28 in the crosswalk at Nelson St.

    Please improve signage and initiate enforcement of existing laws to make this critical area safer for pedestrians. Access to the pedestrian bridge across I-270 is very dangerous because of motorist behavior in this area.

  • 1314 Veirs Mill Rd Rockville, MD - Rockville

    dig car out