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  • 15547 Peach Walker Drive Bowie, Maryland - Bowie

    A black GMC SUV Truck has been parked in our community, in front of 15547 Peach Walker Drive, Bowie, Maryland, for over two weeks now.

    The tags expired in October of last year. DC Tag # DF9900.

    There is an orange tow sticker giving the owner 48 hours to remove the vehicle, however; it can't be driven since it has dead tags. (see the stickers)
    Therefore, it needs to be towed immediately.

  • 3003-3005 Stonybrook Drive Bowie, Maryland - Bowie
    -214E from Railroad tracks to exit to 301 N multiple potholes, some large. Hard to avoid due to frequency.
    -The exit ramp from 214e to 301n as significant number of potholes.
    -301 N just before traffic signal by Walmart also has old repaired potholes growing in several spots. 1 large pothole in the right lane before collington rd too.
    -301 N. exit towards Belair Drive several potholes just passed overpass and headed towards the light. Too wide to avoid.
  • 15523 N. Nemo Court Bowie, MD - Bowie
    shovel sidewalk and dig out car
  • John Hanson Hwy Bowie, MD - Bowie
    The lamp cycles on and off all night long. It is located the on west bound side of John Hanson Highway, directly behind 12619 Kavanaugh Lane.
  • 1002 7701 Laurel Bowie Rd, Bowie, MD 20715, United States - Bowie
    we live near Rockledge Elementary and most weekends when sitting outside we can hear a constant beeping coming from the school. Not sure what to do about it.
  • 16411 Governors Bridge Rd #305 Bowie, MD - Bowie

    I need 2 cars to be shoveled out. I have a back injury and cannot shovel snow. My daughter can help but we do not have a shovel. :(


  • Snow Removal Archived
    12404 Rockledge Drive Bowie, MD - Bowie

    My wife and I are in our 70's and on limited income and cannot hire my driveway and sidewalk to be cleared and need help!


  • 15990 Annapolis Rd Bowie, MD - Bowie
    Tire damaging pothole on 450 eastbound right lane before intersection of Race Track Rd
  • Old Collington Rd Bowie, MD - Bowie
    This box has expose wires, it is tape and wrap in plastic. Seems to have been hit. Also along this area the communication / cable-phone boxes are open and not secure
  • Bel Air Drive Bowie, Maryland - Bowie
    the gaps on both ends of the concrete bridge that leads to Bel Air Drive (right when exit off 301 North) are about 2 inches high that would throw car's wheel out of its balance and would probably damage the car's frame/engine on high speed.
  • Collington Road / Bowie Town Center Area Bowie, Maryland - Bowie

    Grass is always high in the median of this location. This is a Maryland State Highway issue to my understanding. But this area is never taken care of.

    Thank You

  • 4120 18th Street NE, Washington, DC - Bowie

    Elderly Assistance