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  • 495 E / 193 E Ramp To 295 S Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    This ramp is in bad shape, with lots of potholes and deteriorating previous repairs. Since folks from 495 are often moving full speed, this is hazardous, esp as sometimes they quickly switch lanes last minute to avoid. This has been in bad shape for many years and is only getting worse - is it ever going to get fixed?
  • Greenbelt Rd And Mandan Rd Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    This light has a camera; I don't know if this problem is used to increase the number of people running the light or not. The traffic light turns red for Greenbelt Rd when no cars are on Mandan Rd; it's like there isn't a sensor for cars on Mandan Rd, it just works using a timer. The length of time the light is green for Greenbelt Rd is much shorter than for Mandan Rd. This has been a problem for almost a year.
  • Baltimore-Washington Pkwy Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    Huge pothole in the left-hand lane of Southbound BW Parkway. The pothole caused my tire to separate from my vehicle and nearly led to an enormous wreck.
  • Pothole Archived
    20 Southway Greenbelt, Maryland - Greenbelt
    In right-most left turn lane from Southway onto 193.
  • Greenbelt Metro Station Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt

    At the Greenbelt Metro Station, there are numerous missing traffic signs and the STOP lines once painted on the asphalt are entirely worn aay.

    Does WMATA think that pedestrain and driver safety is not a concern? Does WMATA think htat they are exempt from traffic rules?

  • Hanover Parkway And Greenbelt Rd Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    Why does this light go green for non-existent traffic. The light goes green for southbound Hanover traffic when there are no cars there. The light for norhtbound Hanover traffic stays on long after the last car has gone through the light.
  • 20 Southway Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    A huge pothole that creeps across the middle of the southbound lanes of Southway coming off of the BW Parkway.
  • Huge potholes Archived
    Entrance Ramp To Bw Parkway Off 193 Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    The entrance ramp to the BW parkway off Southway has a series of huge potholes that need to be filled
  • Tamarisk Ct. Greenbelt, Md. 20770 - Greenbelt

    I would like to know what steps can be taken to help home owners that have a “nuisance house” on their street. I made the mistake of purchasing a home in the Greenbelt, Md. area.

    I have spent the last three years plus trying to get the property, cleaned up, stop the excessive noise from their parties and have the right to park my own car in front of my own home. We have been in contact with the City of Greenbelt as well as PG County Officials. The Greenbelt police have been GREAT, but can only do so much.

    My wife and I do pay the taxes for the property so I don’t understand why we do NOT have any rights to park our own cars in front of our own home.

    The “RENTERS” in the home next to me have actually asked me why I parked my car in front of my own home? As soon as I move my car, they park their cars, leave them there day after day. One of their cars was there for almost 3 weeks a short time when we first moved in!!!!!

    They say “Where are we and our friends expected to Park?”.

    Does the State of Maryland “require” me to provide parking for rental property?

    Can't the state offer some sort of “Nuisance Abatement Program” for home owners?
    I have found lots of rules and regulations that “PROTECT” the landlord from his own renters, but what about the people who live on the street with these people. They don’t own, have to care about anything and from what I’m getting from plenty of officials there is NOTHING that any elected official has ever done to protect the “TAX PAYING” people from these people.
    All I hear is how much local government wants to improve PG County. Well it's sinking because NO ONE stops rental property from becoming the next trash house in the county. Clean up these houses, give home owners some sort of “BILL of RIGHTS” and I’ll bet people would want to live here.
    The homeowner should be responsible for “HIS” tenants. You pull his license to operate for 30-60days ( no one living in the house, means NO income from the house ) I'll bet he will pay more attention to the tenants he places in the home.

    Thank You
    I do have photo's of the parking, trash, etc.

  • Baltimore Washington Pkwy Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    The on ramp for BW Parkway South from Southway is in terrible condition - run, bumps and broken pavement. It needs to be resurfaced.
  • 21 Ridge Road Greenbelt, Maryland - Greenbelt
    The plow has completely blocked the path that Greenridge folk use to get to town center from the lower end of 21 Court. We can dig an alternative path that will join one already dug. I can use some help with that.
  • downed wire Archived
    5 Gardenway Greenbelt, MD - Greenbelt
    In July 2010, a storm downed a wire in my neighborhood. Many calls have been made. Pepco came out to put a sign on it that says it's not a Pepco wire. It is supposedly a Comcast wire, but they won't come out and fix it. When I posted this issue recently it was deleted without being fixed.