Mount Rainier Public Works

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  • Eastern Avenue Ne & Rhode Island Avenue Ne Washington, DC - Mount Rainier
    Entire Intersection FILLED with Potholes. No matter if you are heading North, South, East or West at this intersection there are potholes everywhere. The main offenders are in both of the Southbound Lanes on Easter Avenue starting about 100 FT from the intersection, and the entire intersection is riddled with them. Please fill these potholes. They have been here for years and my suspension has suffered enough already.
  • 612 Eastern Ave Ne Washington, DC - Mount Rainier
    Alley is not completed and hazardous. Unsuspected vehicles (police & civilian's) DRIVING THROUGH THE ALLEY located behind this address get stuck and are unable to move...Once the vehicles are submerged in the asphalt or what ever it needs to be towed....THIS IS VERY COSTLY ...Please HELP!
  • 3425 Newton Street Mount Rainier, Maryland - Mount Rainier
    There are many uneven and dangerous sidewalks along Newton Street. This is especially dangerous at night as I unfortunately discovered while falling to the ground and spraining my ankle while walking home tonight. Please fix!
  • Chillum Rd Mt Rainier, MD - Mount Rainier
    Travelling Eastbound on Chillum Rd., crossing Queens Chapel Rd. - the two left lanes should be turn-only, with the final, rightmost lane going straight. Because signs were misplaced by heavy winds months ago, many cars assume they can use the middle lane to go straight. This causes an abrupt, surprising and dangerous merge for the cars in the right lane. Signs need to be fixed, and lanes need to be re-marked with arrows.
  • Eastern Ave Ne Eastbound At Rhode Island Ave Washington D.C. - Mount Rainier
    This very used intersection is marked with many potholes, raised asphalt, and there's lot's of gravel at the curb.
  • 3405-3407 Newton Street Mount Rainier, Maryland - Mount Rainier
    The sidewalk is very uneven and filled with holes - a tripping hazard for commuters making their way to the bus or simply trying to talk a walk in their own neighborhood. Please fix the sidewalks. Thanks!
  • 3600-3604 34th Street Mount Rainier, Maryland - Mount Rainier
    These potholes are connecting to form one, mega pothole that crosses the entire width of the street. Its unavoidable and presents a danger to vehicles and pedestrians.
  • 3613 Eastern Avenue Northeast Mount Rainier, Maryland - Mount Rainier
    illegal posters on this utility pole
  • 3801-3849 Eastern Avenue Northeast Mount Rainier, DC 20712, USA - Mount Rainier
  • 3401 Newton Street Mount Rainier, MD - Mount Rainier
    The street sign at the intersection of Newton Street and 34th Street is missing.
  • 3802 Eastern Avenue Ne DC, DC - Mount Rainier
    The sidewalk is broken and raised several inches. It is impossible for wheelchair users to use this section sidewalk along Eastern Avenue, and Eastern Avenue car-traffic moves way too fast to use as an alternative.
  • Kenilworth Ave & Eastern Ave. NE, Washington D.C., DC - Mount Rainier
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