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  • Seat Pleasant Town Hall 69th Street, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743, United States of America - Seat Pleasant
  • 601–607 63rd Pl Seat Pleasant 20743, United States - Seat Pleasant
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    63rd Place Capitol Heights, MD - Seat Pleasant
    Missing street sign at the intersection of Field Street and 63rd Place
  • 6612 Seat Pleasant Drive Seat Pleasant, Maryland - Seat Pleasant

    Ive been having issues with the sidewalk/curb at the end of my driveway. The concrete slab is rising up and scrapping the bottom of my car when i pull into my driveway. When its 1 car in the driveway, I often try to park on the other side to avoid driving over this lip. Ive taken pictures to better explain the problem.

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  • 7246 Joplin Street Capitol Heights, MD - Seat Pleasant
    Tammy Fortson request smoke detector install.
  • 101-103 68th Pl Seat Pleasant, MD 20743, USA - Seat Pleasant
    abandoned Maroon GMC truck w/VA tags
  • 7006 Pleasant Valley Court Capitol Heights, MD - Seat Pleasant
    Delores Claytor request smoke detector install. x2 301-350-3485
  • 609 62nd Street Capitol Heights, MD - Seat Pleasant
    Resident called to complain of unkept area. high grass, erected fences, etc . Complained no one from NCC rides around to look at the area, if so, it would look like that. issue area is 62nd street and 62nd avenue( surrounding areas)
  • 6303 Capon St Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - Seat Pleasant
    There is a drain on the right hand side of my neighbors house at 6301 Capon street that needs to be replaced. This issue has caused severe drainage issues on the right side of my house at 6303 Capon Street. The drain needs to be replaced asap. The city also needs to restore the area of my property that has been destroyed due to poor drainage.
  • 840 Booker Dr - Seat Pleasant
    Trees are hanging down low over side walk and covering the 25 MPH sign
  • 5798–5846 Addison Rd Seat Pleasant 20743, United States - Seat Pleasant
    City Council Meeting Sign
  • 617 64th Ave Capitol Heights Maryland - Seat Pleasant
    Senior resident ( Wilhelmina Evans) is requesting carbon monoxide detector be installed. She lives at 617 64th Ave.