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  • 4212 Urn Street Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - Capitol Heights
    I first reported to ClickFix in 2010. We've had a bad infestation of asian tiger mosquitoes in our neighborhood for the past 8 years. I had spoken about the issue with our county executive at the time, Jack Johnson, while he was visiting with ABC's Extreme Home Makeover crew down the street in 2005. He assured us tthat the problem would be taken c are of. After numerous follow-up calls and lots of run-around, nothing has been done and the issue has only gotten worse. I can't enjoy my yard or garden anymore. Mosquito repellant doesn't seem to work on them. The picture below is the result of 5 minutes spent picking a few tomatoes from our garden. That's a lot of bites, yet only shows the back of my calf. My entire body was covered by bites. Please HELP! I've contacted our new county executive, Rushern Baker, about this and other issues, but he doesn't stem to respond unless you are a developer
  • 27 Akin Ave Capitol Heights, MD - Capitol Heights
    Poison ivy, growing on a tree belonging to the adjacent private property owner, is reaching out and growing onto the sidewalk and impeding safe pedestrian travel. Please remove this poisonous brush. Thank you.
  • 5679-5699 Southern Avenue Southeast Washington, District of Columbia - Capitol Heights
    The 5600 Block of Southern Ave. SE is in terrible condition and needs to be milled and paved.
  • 5928-5942 Southern Ave Se Capitol Heights, DC 20743, USA - Capitol Heights
    15 teenagers loitering & smoking weed
  • Potholes Archived
    130 Capitol Heights Blvd Capitol Heights, MD 20743, USA - Capitol Heights
    Several dangerously large potholes at this location across from the Metro station
  • Pothole Archived
    5901 Central Avenue Washington, DC 20019, USA - Capitol Heights
    this intersection is terribly maintained
  • Davey Street And Chamber Ave Capitol Heights, DC - Capitol Heights
    There are a couple of gouges in the pavement which are in need of asphalt repair. Utility related?
  • 425 Balboa Avenue capital heights, md - Capitol Heights
    Cars, driveway and porch.
  • Hwy 214 mayo, md - Capitol Heights
    or shoulder on road for bicycle riding.
    I ride a bike almost every day on 214 from mayo posy office to edgewater and it is dangerous for at least half of the way.
    At 4 dollars a gallon for gasoline bikeriding should not be a second class citizen way of travelling.
    A 3 foot shoulder all of the way would be nice, and much more safe.
    I dont want to get hit by a car.
    I am 50 years old and think I deserve better than riding on the white line .
  • 1001 Quietview Drive Capitol Heights, Md - Capitol Heights
    My mom is 84 years old and bed assistance. Brother live with her but have back problems and is going in for surgery next week. So she is also a heart patient.
  • 5305 Cumberland Street District Heights, Maryland - Capitol Heights
    Please Help stuck
  • 5305 Cumberland Street Capital Heights, Maryland - Capitol Heights
    Tahoe Truck