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Quality of Life Concerns

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  • 76 Vernon Parkway Mount Vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
    The City-owned retaining wall at the Hunt Woods end of Vernon Parkway has lost mortar over an area of about 10 square feet around a large storm drain pipe, The soil behind the wall has washed out to the extent that a 4-foot radius hole has opened up. The asphalt is at least a foot below street level, but it may be more. The leaves that are in the hole makes it hard to see how deep the hole is. If there were to be a pedestrian there it would be a hazard. I think the real risk is to the retaining wall.
  • POT HOLE Archived
    67 Wildwood Ave Mount vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
    The one way road of wildwood has consecutive Pot HOLEs with the Biggest pothole being in front of 67 wildwood ave, and it's getting bigger
  • 34 South 10th Avenue Mount Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    Contacted city about 3 broken street lamps on this specific street that has an elderly facility, school and church, not to mention disabled residence living there. The entire half of the street is completely black causing a danger to residents, elderly and disabled people alike. City and Con Edison was contacted throughout the 4 years and NOTHING has been done. Cars drive extremely fast placing young children at risks when the nearby elementary school houses late parent teacher conferences and voting polls.
  • 7 South 16th Avenue Mount Vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
  • 122 Chester St Mt Vernon, NY 10552, USA - Mount Vernon
    The street light didn't come on this evening and it is very dark on Chester Street.
  • 130 Mt Vernon Ave Mount Vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
    Street light out . on Mt Vernon Ave and macquesten parkway . Extremely Dark needs to be fixed
  • 12 Ellwood Ave Mount Vernon 10552, United States - Mount Vernon
    Major pot holes on the entire street.
  • 1 Mount Vernon Avenue Mount Vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
    Both streetlights under the Mt. Vernon West MNRR train overpass are out. At night it is now incredibly dark and very difficult to see when you exit the train station. There is also a bus stop there and it is difficult to see people there waiting for the bus.
  • 2-48 Sheridan Ave Mt Vernon, NY 10552, USA - Mount Vernon
    Vehicles regularly parked in no parking area. The space is between the entrance of two building parking lots and can be dangerous when trying to exit the lot and unable to view if cars are coming up the street.
  • 12 Ellwood Ave Mount Vernon NY 10552, United States - Mount Vernon
    Road needs to be repaved a lot of potholes.
  • 254-298 Westchester Ave Mount Vernon, NY, 10552, USA - Mount Vernon
    Malfunctioning traffic light
  • 174 Stevens Avebye Mount Vernon, New York - Mount Vernon
    despite numerous calls the street light in front of 174 Stevens Ave. is not working. this causes a dangerous situation now that this are is not well lit.