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  • 1601-1709 Annapolis Rd Odenton, MD - Fort Meade
    I know that route 175 outside of Fort Meade (all the way from route 32 to 295) is going through improvements but in the meantime, can you please shave down the numerous "speed bumps" that are in the roadway? Many spots have large, high raised strips of pavement in the road that need to be shaved down. They are so bad now that it is literally like going over a speed bump in the middle of the road. The pavement has something underneath that causes the strips of road to raise gradually over time and it is not good on cars and tires to bang over these bumps along with all of the other bumps and potholes along route 175.
  • Lost Pet Archived
    3404 Gentry Circle Unit 4, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland - Fort Meade
  • Found Pet Archived
    Md. Rt. 175 Severn, Maryland - Fort Meade
    brown and white pit bull mix; follows commands but malnourished, well mannered.
  • 8127 Packard Ct Unit A Fort George G Meade Maryland - Fort Meade
    Link returned home. Thank you very much for your help.
  • Lost Pet Archived
    7102 Madden Court Unit #E, Fort Meade, Maryland - Fort Meade
    Short and thick hair. Color cream and white. Tail and ears are darker than body. Ears fold
  • Pothole Archived
    Patuxent Freeway Laurel, Maryland - Fort Meade
    West bound 32 near NSA,
    Left traffic lane at curve, long area of patched potholes in far left lane. Needs to be repaired
  • Lost dog Archived
    2692 Mapes Road Fort Meade, Maryland - Fort Meade
  • 7312 Taylors Hill Ln Hanover, MD, 21076, USA - Fort Meade
    Wheels are broken and container is cracked at the bottom. Please take the broken container back.
  • Illegal Signs Acknowledged
    1256-1268 Reece Rd Severn, MD, 21144, USA - Fort Meade
    Illegal sign across the street from the school
  • Lost Pet Archived
    3404 Gentry Circle Unit 4, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland - Fort Meade
  • 1836 Sidman Ct Fort Meade, MD 20755, USA - Fort Meade
    need additional cones here or something because people are turning right using this unpaved space behind the pedestrian signal
  • Pothole Archived
    1899 Maryland 175 Odenton, Maryland - Fort Meade
    As you leave Fort Meade main gate at Reece road, as you make a right turn onto Hwy 175, there is a pot hole about 18 inches x 18 inches and it is about 18 inches deep. It needs to be repaired immediately. 175 is a horrible mess and unsightly anyhow, but this is really bad. I would also recommend repaving 175 before the thirty year project to redo 175 is over. The county's neglect is going to cause an accident as people swerve around all the issues around the entrance to Fort Meade on 175.