Meriden,CT near Malony HS

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  • 143 Gravel St Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    Each morning when I drop my child at Maloney High School I have to contend with drivers that stop in the actual apron of the school drive way to let their kids out of the car. There used to be an officer directing traffic at the drive way entrance. Now, there isn't and the situation is getting worse daily. Some kid will get hit by a car if something isn't done.
    The few times there was a cruser there, the cop parked his car at the main entrance pointing north on gravel further restricting a narrow road and just sat in his car. This is nonsense! He needs to get out of his car and direct traffic! Please look into this as parents continue to drop off kids in unsafe area as well as cause more traffice issues than there should be.
  • 154 Murray Street Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Pole is cracked badly up and down, is heavily wired at the top, and will break in half in the next windstorm.
  • 58 Huber Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden

    There is a NY plate semi-truck cab parked in the driveway of a house. For 2 days the trucks' noise has waken me up, and I'm down the street.

    Aren't there zoning laws about where these things can be parked??

  • Pot Hole Archived
    119 Sunset Avenue Meriden, CT - Meriden
    There are several large potholes on this half of the street including a giant one that fills with deep puddles and makes entering the driveways of 119/157 very difficult.
  • 599 Liberty St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    People act as though there is no stop sign at this intersection. Some barely even slow down, let alone stop. There's a lot of pedestrians in this area, including high school kids and someone is going to end up getting hurt
  • 33-67 Huber Ave Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden
    Kid on motocross bike riding in the street extremely loud & disruptive
  • 212 Murray Street 2nd Floor Meriden, CT - Meriden

    The people who lived upstairs used their apartment as a dump. There is at least 3-4months worth of rotting trash up there.

    We have mice, flies, and it smells in the first floor apartment now.

    The landlord stated he has to wait 30 days.

    The police were called, and they referred me to The Department of Health.

    Department of Health can't help because the trash is inside the apartment, called housing who also said there is nothing they can do

  • Murray Street Huber Avenue, Williams Street, Meriden, CT 06450, USA - Meriden

    Speeding occurs everyday up and down Huber Avenue.

    There are several small children on this street who could potentially get hit.

    On several occasions, people drive up the hill and throw full drinks out of their windows, or other garbage.

    The police DO drive through this area- but they too- speed up and down the hill.

  • Semi truck Archived
    Huber Avenue Meriden, CT - Meriden
    Neighbor just drove up the hill & parked his
    Semi truck cab in his driveway. He did this
    Over the winter & was warned. Please someone remind him that this is a quiet
    residential neighborhood!!!
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Roads Archived
    Williams Street needs to be re-paved not patched up!
  • paving Open
    Williams St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    its a joke,taxpayers should not pay their taxes until action is taken
  • 28 Huber Avenue And Sunset Avenue Meriden, CT, CT - Meriden

    Dog barks all day -sometimes into the night.
    It's unfair to this neighborhood to have to endure hearing this.

    Owners- take your dog inside!!