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  • 117 Main St Derby, CT - Derby
    Bella was stolen from a car on Monday 3/12 at approximately 10 AM. She is 7 years old. There is a REWARD if dog found!
    (203) 520-3518
  • 8-36 Belleview Dr Derby, CT 06418, USA - Derby
    Driver on cell phone hits pedestrian and dog being walked 4 houses away from home. pedestrian has minor injuries and dog passed away from impact.
  • 500 New Haven Ave Derby CT 06418, USA - Derby
    The wall behind Lowe's is crumbling and causing erosion for #11 and #13 general wooster road back yard properties.
  • Main St Derby, CT - Derby

    Going West or rt 34, coming over the naugatuck river bridge there are two lanes that split up into four at the light under the rt. 8 overpass. The left lane (of the two before the split) is marked to split into the three MOST used lanes: two rt. 8 onramp lanes and the rt. 34W lane. The other lane is marked to direct traffic to water st, and home depot lanes.

    The real issue is the people trying to continue on rt 34 need to swoop into the line of travel of the right lane to follow road markings and stay on 34 from the left lane.

    Simple solution aleviating left lane bridge traffic and avoiding the conversion of driving lines would be to change the dashed road lines from the left lane to only point at the rt. 8 on ramp lanes.

  • 205-215 Main St Derby, CT 06418, USA - Derby
    Derby needs a new downtown, it's in pretty bad shape. Won't someone build it?
  • Main St And Division St Ansonia, CT - Derby
    How come the Shell gas station at the corner of Main St and Division St doesn't have to clean their sidewalk? I have noticed the last several storms they have not removed any snow.
  • Winter Street Summer Street and Seymour Ave., City Of Derby, CT - Derby
    The area is restricted parking -- two hours unless you have a resident sticker. The signs are very clear. Griffin Hospital employees see this area as their own personal parking area and residents, who do not have off street parking, have to struggle to find parking spaces when they get home from work. This is a constant issue. It's bad enough during normal times of year but now that there's alternate side of the street parking, it's a nightmare.
  • 36 Division St Derby, Connecticut - Derby

    Has anyone inspected the now closed Captain's Pizza location on Division Street? I know it is up for sale but a few weeks ago workers started tarping the roof. Now, it appears the entire back "wing" has no roof under the tarp at all as if it collapsed and they covered it to keep rain from getting into the structure. There is also an unsightly tarp over half of the front of the roof. The condition of the back of the building has to be a safety issue forget how horrible the run down empty building looks.

    Shouldn't someone at City Hall reach out to the owners and require fencing or even removal of the structure if it's beyond repair?

  • Seymour Avenue Derby, Connecticut - Derby
    What is Derby doing about the decaying Dworkin Chevrolet building on Seymour Avenue? It looks horrid from the front and from Route 8, is CLEARLY blight with part of the façade falling off and garbage (such as old sofas) being dumped behind it clearly visible from the highway. Certainly the ownership has to be ordered to clean up the property or take down the buildings that are falling apart if they can't be sold. It looks awful to anyone passing by on the highway.
  • 702 New Haven Ave derby, ct , USA - Derby

    People heading towards New Haven and turning left into Wendy's (the marker on the map is as close as it would let me place it) get confused (or perhaps stubborn) about whether to go to the left or the right side of the yellow island. Part of the cause is the overly wide gap in the barrier in the median - if you stop at the end waiting for traffic to clear, you are still probably 4 car lengths shy of the entrance. If you stop aligned with the entrance (to the right side of the island), you're blocking people who may be trying to exit Beechlawn Terrace.

    The purpose of the island seems to be to force people to drive back to the back entrance to get in - a good idea since people blocking the driveway near the street could cause an accident on route 34. Some people are clearly entering to the left side to circumvent that intent - in order to enter through the exit from the parking lot. The drive through lane conflicting with the parking lot traffic is also part of the problem

    Ways to improve this
    - paint out arrows on the outbound lanes
    - signage on the island (keep right)
    - make exit from beechlawn right turn only and then u-turn at Walmart entrance - and shrink the opening (as a benefit it would better protect the turn lane...)
    - move the drive through lane (and/or widen the entrance) so if the drive through backs up, people can still enter the parking lot the "correct" way without conflict with people waiting for their order to be taken

    This is probably private land though - which limits the options I'm guessing - further muddled because it is right on the derby/orange border.

    Is that intergovernmental agency group consuming oxygen in the Derby train station who resolves issues where two cities have different priorites?

  • Derby Greenway Derby, CT 06418, USA - Derby
    Many times I walk down to the Derby Greenway from my home in Ansonia near the police station. There is only a sidewalk on one side of the bridge. When you reach the end of the sidewalk and want to cross Division St to the greenway you have to run in between the traffic. Can someone please put in a button to stop the light and put cross walk lights in to tell us it's safe to cross the street?
  • 572-800 Roosevelt Drive Derby Connecticut - Derby
    The State of Connecticut needs to fix this road. Too many people have died on Route 34 between the Stevenson Dam and the Derby Dam, especially near Pink House Cove in Derby.