Chesterfield County

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  • 2226 Old Bon Air Road Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    3 potholes 25-50 feet south of the railroad tracks on the northbound side. Two in the middle and one on the right side.
  • 900 Southam Drive And Brown Road. Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    Pothole/sinkhole between 900 Southam Drive and Brown Road.
  • 9200 Groundhog Dr Richmond, VA, 23235, USA - Bon Air
    Groundhog Drive, a state route, is covered with potholes and uneven pavement from the entrance to the end near the 9700s. The potholes have been patched multiple times and tree roots have raised the road bed making it uneven.
  • 8101-8199 Avignon Drive Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    Pothole on Avignon Dr near the intersection of Whittington Dr where the water flows under Avignon.
  • 8811 Forest Hill Ave Bon Air, VA 23235, USA - Bon Air
    A large changable message was placed on sidewalk of Forest Hill/Buford Rd intersection. Was this permitted? This is blocking pedestrian access and should be placed somewhere not in pedestrian access area. Also the message is - "Training Exercise, July 25" which isn't giving the general public much information on what they should do. Do you want traffic to avoid area? Will there be road closures?
  • Pothole Archived
    2641 Devenwood Road Chesterfield, Virginia - Bon Air
    Pothole at 2641 Devenwood
  • 8101-8199 Avignon Drive Bon Air, Virginia - Bon Air
    There is a hole in the road above a culvert which drains the creek under the road, from one side to the other. It appears that the road is being washed out under the pavement.
  • Pothole Open
    2426 Mcrae Rd Richmond, VA, 23235, USA - Bon Air
    There is a growing pothole in front of our house on McRae Rd.
  • 9508 Redington Dr Richmond, VA, 23235, USA - Bon Air
    There’s a deep sinking spot that about swallows my wheel if I hit the hole in the center of the road. There are additional potholes developing all along the middle of the road near that one really deep sink hole about in front of 9508 Redington Drive.
  • 8935 W Huguenot Rd Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Bon Air
    Lights at stony point rd and Huguenot are ridiculously long early am. Left turn light from Huguenot to stony point road extremely long for no traffic turning, even at 5:30-6:30 am. Cause cars exiting stony point rd or on Huguenot going towards chesterfield to sit for very long for no reason. Light off stony point rd to Huguenot at least 1 minute with little or no traffic on Huguenot. Since power outage last year most lights on Huguenot from robious to Chippenham cause traffic buildup, extra exhaust, more gas burning even with little or no cars on huguenot. Can a study be done or these lights reset to what they were before the outage? After at least a minute wait at Huguenot, we can hit light at Chippenham exit south onto Huguenot for 40 seconds, without a car in site. Except for the 10 or 15 cars that build up on Huguenot heading in direction of river before. 6:30 am. Same with light at cranbeck on Huguenot. Long left light onto big oak lane no traffic turning but long left light backs up traffic on Huguenot going towards robious, esp. during afternoon rush. Lots of fuel and environmental waste along this corridor (along with frustrated drivers which is unsafe!)
  • 4421 Uppingham Road RICHMOND, VA - Bon Air
  • Buford Road And Jahnke Bon air, VA - Bon Air
    As you turn left onto Buford from jahnke there are 2 potholes side by side fitting for 2 front tires and it is a hard bump!