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  • Fort Eustis Blvd & Interstate 64 Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    Whenever Ft. Eustis steps up securit checks it causes a backup all the way to I-64 which in turn jams up traffic for miles in both directions on I-64. Surely Ft. Eustis can coordinate with the city of Newport News and/or the VA state police when they feel the need to step up security.
  • Kingstowne Drive Newport News, VA 23606 - Newport News city
    Kingstowne Drive, between Kingsway Dr and Thimble Shoals Blvd., is not wide enough to have tractor trailers and toy trailers parked on either side of the road (not to mention the 30-40 cars) while people speed 50+ mph up and down the street!! Someone is going to get seriously injured.
  • Interstate 664 Newport News, VA 23607, USA - Newport News city
    Almost every day during rush hour, there is a NNPD officer running radar near the exit 5 on ramp, on I664 northbound (heading towards Hampton). With all the gang activity, shootings, drugs and other bad things in the immediate area of Newport News, this officer needs to get off the interstate, let the State Troopers do their job, and do some patrolling. If this officer is too scared to patrol this area, then he/she needs to be fired or re-assigned a "nice safe" desk job. They accepted employment in the department to serve and protect us, not protect the interstate and tread on the VSP's primary patrol area. With more officer's in NNPD being let go and the force becoming smaller, we need all of our officers, especially our South Precinct officers, patrolling and protecting us. A car speeding on the interstate is not a direct threat to the residents of Newport News. The people doing a drug deal or gang initiation under the freeway overpass directly under the officer running radar are!
  • METAL PLATE Archived
    Middle Ground Blvd And Jefferson Ave NEWPORT NEWS, VA - Newport News city
  • 72nd -74th Street 7-11 - Newport News city
    I for one am not happy about people in our own neighborhoods bringing in street walkers and drug users/dealers in our own front yards!! It is obvious what they are up to, and no one is doing anything about it! There are hard working families living in these neigthborhoods and children. I don't want to leave, I want them to leave.
  • 11931 Jefferson Ave - Newport News city
    At the InTown Suites on Jefferson, closest to City Center, there is a prostitution ring going on. When you drive by the entrance on St. Thomas Dr., 5 times out of 10 you will see a car sitting right there, with the driver inside. This has been going on for awhile and something needs to be done about it.
  • 610-638 Covina Street Newport News, Virginia - Newport News city

    People have been using Covina Street as an abandoned vehicle lot for at least 18 months. This blocks the line of sight of people exiting the condominiums and has caused many near accidents.

    Multiple residents have complained, but the police never come out and do anything. An old blue F-100 hasn't moved at all since 2013, which is so long that there is mud settled and caked around the tires. A white trailer has been there for nearly the same amount of time, but when a resident complains to the police, it will disappear for 2 days and then come back for months. When can a private citizen tow an abandoned vhicle? I would think 2 years would be enough time?

  • Speeding Archived
    100 - 200 N. Madison Lane Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    The speed limit in this area is 25 MPH, but most folks ignore this and do upwards of 35-40 MPH on this narrow road that has no sidewalks. I have seen kids in the morning headed to the bus stop at the corner of Cameron who have to walk in the ditch or in people's yards to avoid the speeding vehicles on Madison. Police need sit on Anderson and write tickets.
  • Main Street And Warwick Blvd. Newport News, VA - Newport News city
    At Warwick Blvd and Main Street, behind Act II there is an alley way that runs behind the stores and comes out on Main Street, between Act II and the old bank building. I have almost been hit there a number of times while walking, the last time a few days ago as someone speeding, ignoring the large public sidewalk that crosses it. About two months ago city workers were standing on Main Street holding a Stop sign, guy ran the sidewalk, Stop sign, while shooting across the street  to public parking all the while being yelled at. Did not slow down at all. There used to be a mirror and a sign to the drivers to yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk,  please put them back. Your best bet is to put up signs warning pedestrians of the non yielding drivers because they are going to get the worst of it. A huge speed bump that means business might help, speed down that alleyway should be a crawl anyway given its narrow, 1920s look and feel and is only one car wide. Making ithe alley one way most likely would not help as it would just be ignore, this seems to be "store" traffic from storefront there.
  • 52nd St Newport News, VA 23607, USA - Newport News city
    Every weekday starting around 2:00 pm and lasting through 4:00 pm 52nd st. becomes a major thoroughfare for Navy traffic. They use this narrow side street as a cut through from the Navy parking lot on of Warwick Blvd to Huntington Ave presumably to head back towards I-664. Many of these individuals are speeding. The majority are also talking on a cell phone or texting while they speed down the road. Also, Navy Dept. transport vans fly down this street 24 hours a day shuttling people back and forth to the shipyard. These on duty individuals are also often speeding while texting or talking on a cell phone. The solution to this problem is simple. The city should place "No Left Turn" or "No Through Traffic" signs for these hours on every street in Huntington Heights and force people to drive to the end of the neighborhood at 71st street to turn around. These signs already exist on the Huntington Avenue side.
  • Virginia 105 Newport News, VA 23603, USA - Newport News city

    Exit 250A from I-64E ends with a blind no-merge-lane dump onto Ft Eustis (westbound toward the base). I drive through there at least twice a day at various times of the day and can count on being cutoff by folks blasting off that ramp and onto Ft Eustis Blvd without so much as even looking for right-of-way traffic. An officer could sit within sight of that merge and write tickets all day... tickets which should probably qualify for wreckless driving.

    I normally stay in the left lane near there to avoid the confrontation. But officials have reduced the speed limit to 35 on the westbound side of Ft Eustis due to a damaged guardrail. What's the big deal? Even if I drive 40 through there, I still get tailgated, passed on the right, and/or cutoff by people who insist on driving 50-55 on that road. Those speeds aren't bad when the limit is 45. But it's a bit obnoxious in a 35.

  • Jefferson Ave And Denbigh Blvd - Newport News city
    Small crowds or gangs hanging out behind homes in Newport News, especially along Jefferson AVE, near apartments, and behind Nissan dealer