Borough of North Arlington

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  • 63 Union Pl North Arlington, New Jersey - North Arlington
    I live on union place. The parking is a big issue, we need to have a permit to park from 8am to 5pm due to the city commute but it seems like anyone can park since they don't come to check only on street cleaning days and they only give tickets if you're parked on the cleaning side, since they don't check for permits it leave us residents of the street with no options (which by the way most of the houses don't have a driveway)
    In less then a year I've spent more than $200 in tickets. Another issue with the permit is the bars on the Avenue. Everyone comes and park on our street while they are at the bars leaving their cars until late at night and again no parking for the residents especially during the weekends. The permit should be at night time also.
  • Foodtown Parking Lot North Arlington, New Jersey - North Arlington
  • 385 Ridge Road North Arlington , New Jersey - North Arlington
    I recently moved here and wasn't aware of the fact that the attic has a squirrel infestation problem all over the complex.
    The landlord knows and it's a problem all around all the units. They have been working on it by going in and putting traps but I would really hate to move again since I don't have the funds and the problem continues as they only trap 1 at a time. What can I do?
  • 7 Forest Way North arlington, New Jersey - North Arlington
    The trucks loading on foodtown always completely obstruct the road and though several phone calls are made to N.A. police department it never gets fixes.
  • 768 Forest St And Belleville Turnpike Kearny, New Jersey - North Arlington
    today 50 horn blowers from 6am to 8:30 am. a sign dont block intersion is need ed forest st and rt7 belleville turnpike . also a sign
    no horn blowing must give tickets out. try living on this st.
  • 37 Rutherford Pl North Arlington, NJ 07031, USA - North Arlington
    conversion van on Rutherford Place parked with expired temporary license plate of April almost July 2020. It is hard enough as taxpayer to park on street cleaning days and now have to deal with vehicles parked on street without proper license plates..and yes received phone call(s) from town stating street cleaning is again in effect. Called for assistance, but received no helpful information.
  • 45 Belmount Ave North Arlington, NJ 07031, USA - North Arlington
    Grass growing up through concrete street...lets pave it already!!!!
  • 16 Halsey - North Arlington
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
  • 4 Carrie Road North Arlington, NJ 07031, USA - North Arlington
    Located within the easement behind the North side of Carrie Rd. The overgrowth of weeds etc. To include poison ivy is creating a hazardous condition for the residents. Rodents and ticks have now become a regular nusance on our properties since this area is no longer a clear pathway. I have been making this complaint on a regular basis, and a temporary fix has been the only response. This area needs to be paved or cemented and a retaining wall must be installed to allievate the errossion of this elevated area before properties are affected.
  • 470 Belleville Turnpike North Arlington, NJ 07031, USA - North Arlington
    it is being more than a month already that I've been noticing this water leak on the street, everyday when I go to work around 3:30 in the morning I see this water running across the street wasting thousands of gallons of water everyday, we can't afford to waste that much water. Please do something to get this fixed and stop this wasting of water.
    Thank you
  • Melrays - North Arlington
    sidewalk never cleaned on Garden terrace
  • Corner Of Belleville Turnpike & Roosevelt St North Arlington, New Jersey - North Arlington
    Water leak on north side of Belleville Turnpike at the end of Roosevelt St. flows onto Rt. 7 and freezes as you approach River Rd.