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  • Corner Of Summit And Wilmore Dr Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Wilmore
    There is a fence with barbed wire at the top that juts out into the sidewalk and could really hurt someone and it looks horrible!
  • 2200-2212 South Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina - Dilworth
    The crosswalk on South Boulevard between Publix and Noodles and Company is not painted and no signs exist. The pavement should be painted, marked with reflectors and signs should be posted stating that vehicles must yield to pedestrians within crosswalks.
  • not sure if this is a see/click/fix issue but im alarmed how routine the disregard of the speed limit is.
  • 103 West Summit Ave - Wilmore
    I want to request that a LIGHTED No Left Turn sign be installed on West Summit and Tyron. This is a very confusing intersection without a clearly visible no left turn sign, CMPD officers are picking off people making a left turn on to Tryon. A lighted sign would reduce accidents at that intersection and stop people from receiving illegal turn tickets.
  • 212 E Woodlawn Rd Charlotte, NC 28217, USA - York Road
    The ramp off I-77N towards Billy Graham Pkwy is in dire need of repaving. It is the bumpiest off ramp that I know of in Charlotte.
  • 460 Scaleybark Rd Charlotte, NC 28209, USA - Collingwood
    Speeding and passing in opposite lanes. City held meetings to discuss traffic calming measures, but they haven't done anything yet. This is a residential road with a school and church located on it and the city itself has data that shows that speeds in excess of 65 were common.
  • 300 Rampart - Brookhill
    The fire hydrant has been leaking since August 25, 2010. Reported to CMUD three times since.
  • 1625 S Tryon - Wilmore
    There are 2 bus stops here beside the Bojangles and acroos the street. This is one of the most used bus stops in this side of the city. I have been in Charlotte for years and the one thing I have noticed is in the wealthier sections have bus stops with a bench and coverd and nice trash cans. But on West Blvd and S Tryon there only a stop. If you go 3 blocks down on West Blvd there are coverd stops with trach cans.blvd the stops are coverd. The the 3 that are on this corner are in continious use from sun up till sun down. I really think if stops are used this much that they need a coverd bus stop to use. This dose not make any sense to me that these do not. West Blvd and S Tryon is the wilmore and Southend neighborhood. Wilmore now being a historic area and Southend. I believe that if nothing else should merrit coverd bus stops. This i guess is something that dosent need to be fixed. But something that needs to be done. There are a lot of mothers with small children that use these and have to stand in the rain while waitng for a bus and several disabled people that have to do the same. If you could help get some coverd stops installed I and every one that use these would surely appreciate it very much.
  • Iverson Way Charlotte, NC 28203, USA - Dilworth
    This is a tad nitpicky, but I have no idea where to send it. There are some street trees that were installed along Iverson Way a few years ago upon completion of a sidewalk installation by the DOT or the city or county. The job was done beautifully, and the street trees add a lot to the neighborhood. The company that installed them placed anchor straps that are typically removed after the first year once the roots are established. If left in place, they can do damage to the trees. These have not been removed, and I don't know who's responsible. It's not a big job, and I'd be happy to remove them myself, but I don't know that I can legally do that. Can you help figure out who's supposed to remove these straps?
  • 101 Foster Ave Charlotte, NC 28217, USA - Southside Park
    In this area of abandoned building foundations, a group of skateboarders have created a make shift skate park. I don't really see this as a problem (they appear to keep to themselves and the area is useless otherwise) however Im sure it can't be safe and I think if this area is highlighted on the news maybe it can be turned into a real skate park and a place for kids to stay out of trouble while enjoying and hobby that keeps them up and moving versus inside gaining pounds while playing video games.
  • 231-235 Freeland Lane Charlotte, North Carolina - York Road
    On Freeland Ln. the railroad crossing gate (for the Lynx) comes down in the middle of the crosswalk. This is dangerous for both pedestrians and for cyclists. Either the gate needs to be moved behind the crosswalk or the crosswalk needs to move west of the gate.
  • 4400-4490 S Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28217, USA - York Road
    drug,prostitution,loitering police know this. And music from cars all night lone off and on they r coming and going. There have been to roberys at gun point this week and the police still do not watch this area