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  • 3111 Se Powell St Topeka 66605, United States - City of Topeka Council District 4
    Illegal vehicles parked on the street blocking the road. One blue expedition with huge camper on the back displays expired tag. Also black pickup with race car and trailer also displays an expired tag from 2015. Both are illegally parked facing the flow of traffic. This is a serious problem. The tenant lives at 3025 Powell he and his wife are meth and heroin users. They have little kids in the house. Can someone please do something this is ridiculous and most importantly very unsafe with the vehicles on the street making it hard to drive. They also have an entire parking lot full of stolen motorcycles.
  • 3127 Se Iowa Ave Topeka, KS 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    this was reported by a customer. running power off a generator. possible squatters and meth house
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    2101 Southeast Peace Court Topeka, KS 66605, United States of America - City of Topeka Council District 4
    6X9 buckle in street about 1 foot deep.
  • 2763 Southeast Granger Street Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 4
  • Street Repair Archived
    2304 - 2436 Se Kentucky - City of Topeka Council District 4
  • 1930 Se 29th St Topeka, KS, 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    Noticed your water tower at 29th & California is now getting long overdue repairs. With the few upgrades I have seen from the ground there has been one thing that has bothered me for some time which the city keeps ignoring. Your lighting issues. Even though it may not be required for the height it is common courtesy in many cities that all municipal water storage tanks be properly lit with FAA approved lighting regardless if the tower is in line of airspace travel in that area of town. This tower for some time has not had a very well lit light if working at all especially recently since they did minor repairs late last year when they added the new tank access on the top of the storage tank. I would hope you are going to invest in a new improved light, a LED/strobe version similar to what the VA hospital went with on the top of their tower a few years ago. No maintenance, no bulbs to change. It's money well spent. I also noticed you had someone raise your lighting on your Montara area water tower a while back to clear over all the obstacles that have been added to that one. Great job. Only issue is you have the same issue on your water tower behind the Soldier Township Fire Department. That light fixture also needs raised and or upgraded. With LED fixtures taking place of the older incandescent bulbs you should probably budget to upgrade all the lighting on your towers over time. As far as the one behind Soldier Township Fire Department you can't see that light working well at night because it's being blocked by all the clutter that's been added. If Forbes Field and the V.A. takes lighting that seriously so should the city. I hope you will seriously look into these issues....
  • Other Archived
    2623 Se Virginia Ave Topeka, KS 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    abandoned vehicle over six months
  • 2128 Se Kentucky Ave Topeka, KS, 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    USPS had requested the vehicle be moved from the mailbox delivery path and this vehicle has broken windows and shields.
  • 2225 Se 22nd St Topeka, KS, 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4

    There are four abandoned vehicles behind this house. They have been there for over a year. Periodically people live in them. There has also been illegal activity and possible gunfire from this yard. It will be worse in warmer weather.

    The city took pictures of the front and back yard last year and the vehicles in the front were removed. You have fraudulently closed this issue four times now. Please leave it open until resolved.

  • Se 43rd St Topeka, KS 66609, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    There is constant trash outside of this house. Vehicles parked in the yard. The tenant appears to be living out of the garage. The garage door has a tarp over it currently. It's sad that we pay such high taxes plus specials to live with squatters in our neighborhood. Please do something about this or we will all continue to complain daily/weekly until you resolve this issue!!!
  • Street Repair Archived
    1631 Se 37th Ter Topeka 66609, United States - City of Topeka Council District 4
    I noticed that resurfacing was done on SE 37th from Indiana towards this also something that will be done on the part of 37th going the opposite way towards SE California? The part right past Illinois is cracked and pieces together as is the rest of the street. Just inquiring???
  • 3350 Se Ohio Ave Topeka, KS, 66605, USA - City of Topeka Council District 4
    No siding on the house.