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  • 100-198 Rock Ave Plainfield, NJ 07063, USA - Plainfield
    These potholes have been here for over a decade and a half, maybe even longer. Driving through this intersecion you will have to swerve everywhere to avoid some nasty spots.
  • 615 East Front Street Plainfield, New Jersey - Plainfield

    I need someone to shovel my mother's parking spot and clean off her car. She has a bad back and can not do it herself.

    Thanks so much.


  • 944-972 Prospect Ave Plainfield, NJ 07060, USA - Plainfield
    there is a very bad pot hole at the entrance of evergreen elementry schools parking lot
  • 756 Hillside Ave Plainfield, NJ - Plainfield
    The righ hand side of hillside ave at the corner of putnam and hillside is eroding away into a black hole
  • 842 East 2nd Street Plainfield, New Jersey - Plainfield
    The debit/credit card machine never works. Should not have it in the store.
  • Roovelt Ave Plainfield, NJ - Plainfield
    This road has the most pot hole I have ever seen in Plainfield. The only vehicle that could be driven in this road would be a war tank. No car is save in this road. The conditions are horrible and the city turns a blind eye to the problem.
  • GIANT POTHOLE Archived
    418-20 Central Ave Plainfield, NJ 07060, USA - Plainfield
    Large pothole (and very deep)on southbound side of the street. It's been there for about one month that I noticed. Needs to be filled it.
  • Leland Avenue Plainfield, NJ - Plainfield
    From 7th Street to Front Street. potholes north and south bound. It seems most major routes are neglected...
  • Street Light Archived
    Woodland Aveneu And Central Street Plainfield, NJ - Plainfield
    Street light is out and the corner is very dark and dangerous
  • 828 Central Street Plainfield, NJ - Plainfield
    On the Corner of Dorbett Place and Central Street this street light is out. Went out during Sandy and has not been repaired. Again this is another dark corner which is unsafe
  • West 7th Street And Liberty St Plainfield, New Jersey - Plainfield
    The two pedestrian crosswalks here need painting... it takes for ever to cross the road because the crosswalks here aren't clearly visible So the incoming vehicles can't even see them.
  • 85218th Ave Irvington, New Jersey - Plainfield
    Pot hole on the street very close to the curb (near the electric pole)