Voorhees Public Works

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  • 1225-1299 White Horse Rd Echelon, NJ 08043, USA - Echelon
    Just past the side entrance to Eagle Plaza heading towards 561, a large deep square pothole in the right hand lane.
  • 109-199 Somerdale Rd Echelon, NJ 08043, USA - Echelon
    Multiple potholes in right lane of somerdale rd just prior to the mall entrance.
  • Laurel Road & Burnt Mill Voorhees, NJ 08043 - Echelon
    Multiple potholes when turning onto Laurel Road off of Burnt Mill
  • Burnt Mill And Laurel Rd Near Voorhees Town Center - Echelon
    Burnt Mill and Laurel Rds while making a right hand turn onto Burnt Mill Rd, the pot hole has been there for months. I already had a flat tire costing me $75 and a big incovenience.
  • 1000-1198 State Route 561 Echelon, NJ 08043, USA - Echelon
    this has been there for many years and it's only getting worse, the left lane going north is horrible
  • Real Bad pot hole blew my tire out. Its in the right lane going North
  • this intersection is horrendous
  • 145 Haddonfield Berlin Rd Echelon, NJ 08043 - Echelon
    I drive this road everyday - Hasn't been addressed in almost 10 years
  • 686 Haddonfield Berlin Rd Echelon, NJ 08043 - Echelon
    Protected Trees and church on one side and no JUG HANDLE TURN? The one place in jersey where you can make a left on a busy road
  • Somerdale Road Blackwood , NJ - Echelon
    There are many deep and wide pot holes throughout the length of Somerdale and West Somerdale Road. They can do serious damage to vehicles.
  • Echelon Voorhees Township, NJ, USA - Echelon
    BEWARE morning commuters or commuters in general using Woodcrest Patco.
  • 232 Echelon Rd Voorhees, NJ 08043, USA - Echelon
    This intersection is somewhat dangerous, and a traffic light
    would improve safety, since the new Voorhees Town Center
    will be fully complete, with lots of traffic.