Lower Pottsgrove Township

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  • Sunnyside Avenue Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga
    1 abandoned house and 1 hoarder house with a tarp roof. Are you kidding me? Everyday I pass by these 2 houses and wonder how Lower Pottsgrove allows this mess to continue. There has to be a law regarding tarp roofs and abandoned houses.
  • Rolling Hills Drive Sanatoga, Pennsylvania - Sanatoga
    This complex is a ghetto and a source of crime that spills into the surrounding neighborhoods. It's almost exclusively section 8 housing. The township needs to do something before more people move out and property prices drop.
  • Pebble Beach Lane Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga
    Drivers have no regard for posted 25mph speed limit on pebble beach lane. There are numerous kids that play yet speeding and stop signs mean nothing to some drivers.
  • Kepler Rd And Bliem Rd - Sanatoga
    Drivers on this road go way over the posted 35 MPH Speed Limit. There are accidents at this intersection all the time. Make them slow down...put a stop sign here.
  • S Sunnybrook Rd Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga
    If you are on Sunnybrook road to enter High Street, from the Kepler Road Side the traffic light will make you wait as long as 2 minutes, and once it changes for you to go you have 3 seconds. That takes idle gas.
  • 1-191 Sanatoga Rd Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga

    Stop Light needed for Sanatoga Rd & High St
    Ever been on either side of Sanatoga Rd trying to make a turn, or even go straight during rush hours? You are stuck there sometimes for up to 10 minutes.
    Also coming off of Sanatoga RD, trying to make a left to go up to Turkey Hill, cars pull out way farther than stop sign, due to not being able to see oncoming cars.


  • Poor signage Archived
    2-48 S Pleasantview Rd Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga

    The Signage for the High St closure is a joke. Its confusing and many people are still going past Pleasantview Rd and have to turn around.

    The LAST time they "fixed" the bridge there was darn near a blockade of signs in the middle of High St. This time one little sign on the EB side of High St near the firehouse. Poor work by the contractor or PennDOT. You would have thought PennDOT reviewed the signage.

  • Pruss Hill & Rupert Roads - Sanatoga
    3-Way Stop sign needed at Pruss Hill & Rupert Rds in Sanatoga. Kids walking too and from the bus stop are not safe. People come flying up Pruss Hill Road and miss or almost miss the right turn onto Rupert because they are speeding. Also, stop sign on Rupert is set too far back and everyone has to pull up too far to see to make a safe left or right turn. Unfortunately there haven't been enough accidents at this intersection to warrant a a 3 way stop, nor is there enough traffic. So lets wait until an elementary school student gets run over by a speeding car to put up a stop sign. I walk my kids to the bus every day, but sometimes these speeders come up over the hill so fast you dont see them until you are already in the road.
  • Intersection Of Kepler Rd. & Sunnybrook Rd. - Sanatoga
    Can't see around corner when stopping on Sunnybrook Rd. without pulling half-way out into the intersection. And the cars coming down Kepler don't have to stop, and they cut the corner when turning onto Sunnybrook towards the ballroom. The intersection is more scary than it needs to be.
  • 729 Rupert Rd Pottstown, PA - Sanatoga
    How is this place still here, let alone habitable??
  • 2132 Sunnyside Avenue Pottstown, Pennsylvania - Sanatoga
    This house has been an eyesore and in a dangerous state of disrepair. The community is fed up and Lower Pottsgrove has done nothing.
  • 89 Pine Hurst Dr Pottstown, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga
    The residents of this house leave the Community Connection papers in their yard to disintegrate; at the end of FEB 2011 they've still got Christmas decorations in the yard; and the driveway area looks like the outside of a body shop. In TEN MINUTES they could have their yard looking halfway respectable just by picking up the trash, so I don't know if they're lazy or just don't care -- but this place looks like it does not belong in a decent middle-class suburb.