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  • 33001-33147 Utica Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser

    This intersection is a disaster. So they fixed Utica Rd. north of 14, but left this mess.

    Fix it!

  • 31443-31549 Utica Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    Was repaired in '03...has become VERY bumpy again
  • 33001-33099 Utica Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    14 mile and Utica rd ,concrete is full of holes in intersection
  • 31400-31560 Utica Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    I commute to and from this way six days a week for work, the railroad tracks are very bad. I have to come to a complete stop over the tracks because of fear that I will ruin my car's front end, tire bearings, axle's and other problems that may occur. I have had problems in the past with another car because I was going the speed limit but I was unaware on how bad that tracks were that I ruined my front end and it cost me 1,500 to get fixed.
  • 16300-16598 E 14 Mile Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    These new lights are a pain when driving N/S on either Utica or Garfield. The lights are much longer on 14 mile even if there is no traffic, but the sensors are set to only give a long signal going N/S if there are already cars waiting, so you ALWAYS hit the lights red. Sometimes the left turn will go first and sometimes it won't give a green arrow at all! Come on traffic engineers... we can do better!
  • 18299 E 14 Mile Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    Northwest corner of 14 MI. & Groesbeck - the pavement is HORRIBLE - potholes, broken, uneven pavement - road needs t be repaired and smoothed out! Cars are bottoming out all the time no matter how slow they travel!
  • 17400-17598 Masonic Blvd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser

    Left turns are only allowed from Groesbeck to Masonic on the green arrow. This should be a blinking arrow to allow left turns whenever traffic is clear. Cars sit forever with no approaching traffic - waiting for the green arrow. I am afraid myself or someone will eventually be rear-ended by someone coming up Groesbeck talking on their phone when I could have turned sooner. Not to mention a big waste of expensive gasoline.

    I was just given the run-around by all concerned parties, so this will never change..No Help Here.

  • Utica And Groesbeck - Fraser
    Again, the railroad tracks at Groesbeck and Utica need to be fixed for travel, not just a "bump" sign placed there.
  • 15 Mile And Garfiled Fraser, MI - Fraser
    when making a left turn from south bound garfield to east bound 15 mile road the yellow blinking light does not work , i sit at that intersection every am with very little north bound garfield traffic waiting for the arrow to allow me to make a left turn , when the arrow does allow a turn, only 3 cars can turn
  • 17761-17835 13 Mile Rd Fraser, MI 48026, USA - Fraser
    When turning from Eveningside onto 13 mile road, there is continually a vehicle parked on the bottom 1/2 driveway obstructing view which make it very dangerous to complete turn onto 13 mile road. They just need to move the car/van up in the driveway.
  • 17020-17098 15 Mile Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Fraser
    I understand why the traffic light on 15 Mile Road should be longer than the light going North and South on Bobcean and Klein, it is still much too short to get anymore than 2 cars across. I was the first car at the light one time and by the time I was in the intersection, the light had already turned yellow to red. That must have been all of 5 seconds. People run the red light all of the time here and there are a lot of accidents.
  • 18660-18698 15 Mile Rd Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Fraser
    Please adjust the amount of time that the traffic light stays RED when you are traveling on Kelly Rd, toward Groesbeck Hwy. This light stays red waaaay too long! It's ridiculous! PLEASE HELP!