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  • 700 Block Fox Hollow Road Gwynedd Valley, PA - Spring House
    A golden retriever dog is outside what appears to be all day no matter the weather, we see it sitting under or on top of a picnic type table in the rain/snow, it looks ragged and dirty, and it barks late into the night.
  • 341 Arbor Ln Spring House, PA 19002, USA - Spring House
    The entire right lane of 309 south from Norristown Rd exit to Ft Washington is virtually unusable due to incredibly sloppy and uneven paving at drain covers. It is impossible to drive a small or midsize car at a speed above 30mph without damaging something.
  • Welsh Rd. & Darsden Dr. Lansdale, PA - Spring House
    This traffic light constantly changes back to a RED signal for Welsh Rd. about every 10 seconds during the overnight hours.
    I drive this way every day at 4:30 AM on my way to RT. 309 and this traffic light used stay GREEN for Welsh Rd. during the overnight hours but lately it seems that the overnight sensor has stopped working causing to traffic light to change back & forth constantly during the OFF hours.
  • 1055 Gypsy Hill Rd Spring House, PA 19002, USA - Spring House

    Since Penn Dot added guard rail to this one lane bridge, oncoming traffic is not always yielding to the party on the brige, sometimes at considerable speeds. No accidents yet, but one waiting to happen. The signs were left in the same place, so it appears the confusion has been created by the double yellow lines, which are now within the lengths of guard rail. The road needs to be remarked and/or the signage moved to clearly indicate the bridge as one lane.

    UPDATE 11/1/10: PennDot restriped the road on 10/31 and did not repaint the lines within the guard rail. However, the existing lines still show. They need to be blacked or etched out. It would be helpful if the "One Lane Bridge" signs were moved closer to the guard rails.

  • Route 309 - Spring House
    Is it too much to ask for smoother road to bridge transitions on Route 309? Seriously, is there anything this 309 road repair crew can do right?
  • Forest Hill Drive Gwynedd Valley - Spring House

    Friday 9/10 ditches were dug in front of all driveways on Forest Hill Drive. We have a handicapped family member and a long driveway so the crew put metal plates over the ditch so we can use our driveway but now the plates have been moved and they are too heavy to lift. we now cannot use a car because it is stuck in the driveway.
    Completion for this project was supposed to be 9/13 or 9/14 according to the township. Cement was supposed to be poured today but has not happened.

    Forest Hill drive is now full of dangerous ditches on the side of the road, and this project is taking way too long to complete. Have called the township numerous times and keep getting a fabricated completion date.

  • State Highway 63 Ambler, PA 19002, USA - Spring House
    The waves caused by heavy vehicles stopping are hard to stop on when it is dry and even harder to stop when wet. This approach to Route 309 should be redone in cement to prevent a repeat of the waves forming.