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  • 2218 Miguel Chavez Rd Santa Fe Nm 87505 - Santa Fe
    Behing The Tuscany at Saint Francis, between the buildings and Zia rd, people are abandoned shopping carts, and garbage. Nobody cleans the area. The shopping carts are being stolen from Albertsaons and Walgreens.
    The adrees of Tuscany is 2218 Miguel Chavez Rd; and the affected area is between the buildings and Zia rd.
    Some times children push the carts to the dry river. Also Tuscany is filty dring weekends, specialy the back area, close to the bridge.
  • 613-615 Jiron St Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA - Santa Fe
    this property has a 2 bedroom apartment with an in-law unit.
    the owners are investors.
    City Law states the owner must live in one unit.
    the For rent sign on the Telephone Pole Lists 2 Apartments for Rent.One is Already Rentd.
    There is Parking for 1 car.
    the Curb was Ground Down over a Weekend to widen the Driveway.
    Hello! Planning and Zoning?
  • Camino Rio Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe
    This has got to be one of the darkest streets at night.
  • Big Sky Rd Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe
    The city of Santa Fe and the Nava Ade HOA need to come up with a resolution on who is going to pay for more street lights. The safety of our families and our homes are in jeapordy because know one wants to to the payy the bill for this. We've had 10 burglaries in the last several weeks.
  • Solecito Loop - Santa Fe
    Paseo Del Sol WEST and PLAZA CENTRAL...too many speeders. I walk my dogs daily, and DAILY I encounter a reckless driver who speeds and DOES NOT stop at stop signs.
    Also, several ppl do not follow the round-about rule, they are lazy and just take an immediate left or right, instead of going around it!
    Also, Paseo Del Sol West is not a public trash can. TOO many ppl littering.
  • Solecito Loop And Plaza Central - Santa Fe
    I am sick and tired of the complete disregard these drivers are displaying. 9 times out of 10, as I am leaving Plaza Central, to turn onto Paseo Del Sol WEST...I am almost hit by a car that is speeding through the stop sign. Then they give me attitude because they almost hit ME! Not only are these young ones punks...but they go around doing and driving as they please. Then when I walk my dog, the same thing. Speeders almost hitting us as we cross the street. Also people! Use the round abouts the way they were intended to be used. People are just taking a sharp left or right turn, and not going around properly. What is this neighborhood coming to?
  • 300-398 Bishops Lodge Rd Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA - Santa Fe
    this section on Bishop's Lodge, from Paseo to Artist Road, desperately needs to be repaved - it is undriveable to the point of detouring around this section of road on a consistent basis. It is very heavily travelled and needs to be repaved. Please fix immediately!!!! Thank you so much!
  • All Of Paseo Del Sol West - Santa Fe
    Too many people speeding at high rates and driving careless! Too much disregard for other drivers and pedestrians. Dangerous!
  • 1001-1099 Camino Sierra Vista Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA - Santa Fe
    Drivers always exceed the speed limit on Cam. Sierra Vista by 20mph speeding to Baca or to St. Francis. Please have police patrol or install speed humps on the street. It is a residential neighborhood, not an expressway.
  • 708-798 Paseo De Peralta Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA - Santa Fe
    When trying to turn onto Paseo de Peralta from eastbound Palace Avenue. The gallery owners on the NW corner of Palace/Paseo should be forced to take down the fence and bushes at the intersection. When people are turning, they have to "blindly" go forward because this gallery's bushes and picket fence are clearly in the way and a hazard and have been for many years. Please compel them to fix the issue before someone is hurt or killed there! Thanks.
  • Paseo Del Sol W Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe
    Plant growth by the roundabout at Mesa del Oro and Paseo del Sol W obstruct the view of traffic traveling on Paseo del Sol W when attempting to enter the roundabout from Mesa del Oro. This is a problem when looking north due to plants along the west side of Paseo del Sol W as well as shrubs in the median when looking south. Since traffic on Paseo del Sol West does not have a stop or yield sign and most people speed through this intersection, this makes for very dangerous conditions. I would suggest some plant removal first, and converting this intersection to a 4-way stop.
  • 675-699 Pso De Peralta Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA - Santa Fe
    A series of holes and general ruddiness at PDP and Marcy St.