Parkrose Neighborhood

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  • 3307 Se 92nd Ave Portland, OR - Powellhurst
    I-205 and Division St.
    Homeless people are living under the overpass w/ mattress and junk
  • Drug Dealing Archived
    Se 113th And E Burnside Portland, OR - Hazelwood
    People regularly pull over and park on 113th or Pine Ct, just off burnside, and this huge fat balding guy on a bike rides up and meets them. They get out of the car and walk with down the street a bit and go back to their car and leave. The bike guy rides off. These people look SKETCHY and I AM SICK OF THIS. There are a lot of little kids here and this isn't OK.
  • 11000 Se Mill Ct Portland, OR - Hazelwood
    This cul de sac has a speed demon that guns the gas (Both by car and motorcycle) at the entrance to the cul de sac then slams on the breaks as he reaches the driveway of his destination. This is a small 8 house cul de sac, so it is alarming when a car (or motorbike) reach speeds of 20 MPH + in such a short distance.
  • 3566 Ne Maywood Pl Portland, OR 97220, USA - Maywood Park
    LED street light on during the day
  • 130th And Powell Portland, OR - Powellhurst
    my daughter goes to a day care on 130th and powell and right next to the bus to cross the street and we almost got hit by a car because powell at 3 30 pm is crazy i am not the only one i seen trying to cross right here and i would like to see something happend to help out to make it a little safer for every one and there families ... thought maybe some one from your team mite be able to help me figure out how to get something don or even looked at to help....
  • 13110 Ne Prescott Dr Portland, OR 97230, USA - Argay
    There's a motor home parked across street from my house has a sewer pipe down it's unhealthy
  • Street Lights Archived
    105th & Ne Wygant Portland, OR - Parkrose
    There is two street lights out. One at corner of NE 105th and Wygant and one North of Wygant on 105th Av.
  • pot hole Archived
    12040 Ne Halsey St Portland, OR 97220, USA - Hazelwood
  • Ne 81st Ave & Ne Halsey St Portland, OR, 97213, USA - Montavilla
    The grassy patch of ODOT property across from the JOIN homeless service at the St. Michael's Lutheran Church is infested with squatters and illegal activity.
  • huge hole Archived
    Se Division St Portland OR 97266, United States - Powellhurst
    The tradition between two types of pavement has eroded away to dangerous levels now Someone is going to break their car in this hole
  • 318-460 Se 113th Ave Portland, OR 97216, USA - Hazelwood
    personal effects, luggage, and other miscellaneous items strewn about entrance to park lot. evidence of intent to camp.
  • Se Stark & 113th Portland, OR 97216, USA - Hazelwood
    Shady characters have dug out burrows in the island of bushes right next to the playground, and have now set up tarps and are storing one-wheeled bicycles and other stuff of questionable origin. I have found human feces just inside this island, as well. While I sympathize with the homeless plight, right next to the playground is unacceptable.