Auburndale Estates

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Auburndale Estates Neighborhood

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    1501 West Rincon Street Corona, California - Corona
    What is the city doing about the growing homeless encampment in this are? I see homeless enter and exit this area on a daily basis leaving the area full of trash. Is the city waiting for a fire to burn them out or a women to get raped or child abduction to draw more attention to the problem?
  • 993 Blossom Hill Drive Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona
    House abandoned. Junk left everywhere and overgrown grass and fence left open or broken into. Potential hazard and illegal activity!!
  • West Rincon Street Corona, California - Corona

    Watching a whole line of homeless pushing their stuff and driving their cars down the dirt road to move in behind the trees back behind Corona Airport.

    Kick them out from pump station but ok to have them move in down here?!?

  • 967-977 Corydon Street Corona, California - Corona
    The entrance to this neighborhood used to have a letters on the wall that read "Hillcrest Point" but for the past 8 years or so, the "H" has been missing so it reads "illcrest". The letters are worn and chipped and we do not have a homeowners association in our neighborhood to take care of such things. Is it possible for the city to just remove the letters from the wall? I don't think anyone would mind if we don't have a name for our neighborhood. It makes the corner look run down and unkempt. Thank you.
  • 973 Auburndale Street Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona
    Speed bumps are very difficult to see at night. They are in need of new paint and repair
  • Smith & Rincon Corona CA 92880, USA - Corona
    The homeless situation is getting out of hand. There are now roads with cars driving back into the "forest" areas. All day and night people are going in and out of there on foot and bicycles.
  • 774-798 N Lincoln Ave Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona

    Vagrants already destroyed the private fence and are making entry into private property. I understand jurisdtiction but seriously enough is enough!!!! Please!!!!

    Remedy this issue!


  • 1501-1549 W Rincon St Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona
    Multiple campsites across Stagecoach Drive from park and at corner of Rincon/Corydon. I have observed men hide in bushes across from park after calling for drug drop offs on cell phones. Dealer then meets them in playground parking lot. The city installed a video camera facing the parking lot but they are aware of this and drive elsewhere to complete transaction before returning. This is too close to where unaccompanied children play. I have more pictures but this system only allows one upload.
  • 1163 Bayfield Drive Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona
    Residents has old mattress and other debris sitting out in front of garage for months now. Not sure if they know they can get free pick up. Maybe code enforcement could give them a reminder.
  • 1604 Fairview Dr Corona, CA 92880, USA - Corona
    Hole cut in the fence again by transients. On the south west end of the park where all the other repairs have been done.
  • 905–925 Corydon St Corona CA 92880, United States - Corona
    older model Lexus illegally parked on the sidewalk / driveway area to the field across the street from stagecoach Park. It belongs to a male white in his 30s thin build short hair typically shirtless that walks around with a large black lab type dog. This guy has reportedly gone into the nearby neighborhood and attempted to break people's doors down. Police were involved in that incident. He is camping out in that adjacent shrubbery.
  • Palo Verdes Corona, California - Corona
    In the past 2 weeks someone leaves cars parked without license plates on palo verdes between Auburndale & Queens dale and also on Auburndale just north of palo verdes. Cars have been left without moving for 5-7 days at a time. I think it maybe a car dealer. Please mark and tow cars away whenever possible. We don't want a business in our neighborhood.