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  • Rt. 69 woodbridge CT, right after starbucks plaza heading towards Woodbridge - Woodbridge
    A large curb/narrow road causes a HUGE bottleneck and traffic nightmare in Woodbridge/New Haven on Rt. 69 (Right by Starbucks Plaza). If the road was widened by at least 1 ft on the right (headed towards new haven) this would solve this ridiculous traffic problem.
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  • 2-10 Newton Rd Woodbridge, CT 06525, USA - Woodbridge

    On Friday, October 29, 2010 at about 1:45PM, I was driving past the old Fire Department site at the intersection of Newton and Center Roads. I noticed two men were clearing leaves on the site using a high-powered push blower. I was then shocked to see that the men were blowing the leaves and other debris directly into the middle of Newton Road, and in fact directly onto my passing car.

    As a town resident, I am appalled that a town property is being maintained in this fashion, with leaves being blown into or across the street. I further don’t appreciate my car being throttled with leaves, dirt, and other debris when driving into the town center to conduct my business. This practice should be changed.

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  • New Haven, CT - Amity

    CT15 - Enterance 59, Southbound

    This needs to be a yield sign and maybe paint some arrows on the right lane on CT15 directing traffic over to the left to allow oncomers. It SHOULD NOT be a stop sign because of its location. This enterance makes it difficult to get on traffic with a hill just ahead - especially for 4cylinder cars (which I have). From a stop, its nearly impossible to get going fast enough to avoid a collision with oncoming traffic. Thus we have to make sure no one is coming for quite a distance, thus we sit there for a long period of time holding up traffic. This would be better suited as a merge and forcing more cars to pull into the left lane to allow more convienence for oncomers. Lets face it, leaving it up to the decision of the CT people is not a good idea. In general, CT drivers are selfish.

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  • Racebrook & Ansonia - Woodbridge
    During rush hour the traffic backs up considerably at this 4-WAY STOP...should be replaced by a rotary!!!!!
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  • Around 911 Baldwin Rd CT 06525 - Woodbridge
    large dangerous heavy limb overhanging road.....reported many times but no action taken as of yet
    A year later this problem still exists!
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  • Rt 63 Amity Road At Lucy Street Woodbridge, CT - Woodbridge
    someone is going to die at this intersection, every day that passes I believe this more and more. I see 2-3 cars blow through the intersection well after the light has turned red. Yesterday an 18 wheeler didn't even slow down and blew through the light like it was blazing green. One would think the police from Woodbridge or state troopers since it is a state road would at least be visible once in awhile- I travel through the area 6-10 times per day and can't recall in the last 6 months ever seeing an officer.
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  • 1672-1692 Litchfield Turnpike Woodbridge, CT 06525, USA - Woodbridge
    On Rt 69 south, approaching the Rt 15 underpass, there is one light that is unnecessary because the cross street is blocked for construction. Just make it a flashing yellow. The lights in this series are timed so that cars cannot move through to the end. It can take 3 or more light changes to move at all during rush hours. Also, between Lucy St and the entrance to Rt 15 south, the curb could be moved to create a lane for the cars that want to get on the parkway. This would facilitate traffic flow between the 3 lights.
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  • Wilbur Cross Pkwy & Litchfield Turnpike New Haven & Woodbridge - Amity
    The area of Litfield Turnpike between the Exxon station and the Starbuck's in Woodbridge has no sidewalk. The area has plenty of pedestrian use as can be seen by the paths worn in the grass and dirt. This means one must walk without aid of a sidewalk and cross the exit and entrance ramps of Route 15. Please build a sidewalk!
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  • Mulberry/Chestnut Rds Woodbridge, CT - Woodbridge
    deep pot holes shredding tires
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  • Unpaved road Archived
    200-216 Ansonia Rd Woodbridge, CT 06525, USA - Woodbridge
    The state tore up Rt 243 from Ansonia to New Haven two weeks ago. When are they going to repave it??
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  • Ct 15 New Haven, CT - Amity
    Exit to New Haven off of CT 15: Traffic patterns with the street lights are extremely inefficient, especially at times of high volume.
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  • Dumping Archived
    Fountain St CT - Woodbridge
    A big pile of trash -- insulation, lawn furniture, and all kinds of other junk -- a good truckload's worth -- was dumped on the westbound side of the road between the overpass and the Woodbridge sign -- it was done just in the past few days but I hope it doesn't sit there long, I go by there at least twice a day and it's grossing me out, I hate to think about what a non-local would think going by there and seeing that.
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