Durham Board of Selectmen

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  • Royal Oak Drive - Durham
    There is no street light at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Route 17 in Durham. This area is very dark at night and many accidents have occurred in this area. Many motorists speed on this particular road making turning on to this road very dangerous. Please consider this report, it is a long time coming!
  • Royal Oak Drive - Durham
    A street light is needed at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Route 17. This is a very dark area and many accidents have occurred in this vicinity. The road is not very wide in this area and many people have rear ended or nearly rear ended being when they turn onto our Street. A light at night would make this area much more visible to motorists and would eliminate problems.
  • 187 211 Maiden Ln Durham, CT - Durham
    cannot pull out of wheeler hill dr safely bcuz stop signs ignored BOTH ways constantly.
  • 38 Middlefield Rd - Durham
    Speeding along this stretch especially towards Middlefield.Day or night .Even school bus drivers SPEED.Have offered my driveway for the police to combat this problem.Nothing has ever been done. 20 years only seen 2 cars pulled over. Wouldn`t complain but the house was hit by a truck in 2006.When I was home.I have almost been killed twice pulling left into my driveway .Because the car that was 2 behind me passed in a no passing zone. I also was almost hit head on because a truck passed a car at Deans Auto and was on my side as I left my driveway.
  • 19 Fowler Avenue - Durham
    Vehicles in and out day and night. Property is run down.
  • HUGE pothole Archived
    2-52 Maple Avenue Durham, Connecticut - Durham
    There is a HUGE pothole at the junction of Maple Avenue and Main Street (Route 17 ) in Durham. It's on the right corner at the end of the road just before turning right onto Main Street.
  • 36-146 Connecticut 68 Durham, CT 06422, USA - Durham
    pipe beneath road is sinking more and more
  • No Tennis Archived
    Main St Durham, Ct - Durham
    What happen to tennis. There is no report. The scores have been called or emailed Wed. & Thurs. If you are not going to print the info, why call in. There are other towns that read the Press. Please cover more that Middletown High and Xavier. Those school are terrific, but so is CRHS,
  • Tuttle Road New Haven, CT - Durham
    Please repave this road. It's given me flats practically every other time I've been on it.
  • 297-299 New haven, Ct - Durham
    Reported from my mobile device
  • @#$% kids Archived
    1-115 Parmelee Hill Rd Durham, CT 06422, USA - Durham
    they are always mean to me
  • 276r Stagecoach Rd Durham, Connecticut - Durham
    I noticed while walking the other day 2 big pot holes as you go up the hill past the apartments at 276R on Stage Coach Road. The way people speed down this road if this hole is hit just right can do some costly damage to the tires and / or front end alignment.