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  • 669 Westwind Dr. S.W. - Continental US
    We people in Ocean Trails 2, are in need of the dirt road being fix of lots of pot hole, the hole are doing damage to our cars and trucks. We are having to get the cars and trucks realined due the road. When it rain the holes some are so bad that it holds water for a good while. The cars get suck at the entrance to the delevopment and going out of it, because there is to much sand there. We have older people in here that have bad backs and the road cause their backs to hurt. We have took up signed papers with names of people who live here twice to get the roads fix, but nothing has been done. The person who delivers the mail here doesn't want to come in the delevopment, and the ambulance have a hard time on this road too. They have to come down here quite offton due to my step-dad. Please can you help us to get something done about these roads. We pay our taxes too, and the county, should take care of paving these roads. Ocean Trails 2 is off of Stone Chimley Road in Supply N.C.. Please help us with this problem.
  • 1000 1300 Robert Ruark Dr Se Southport, NC 28461, USA - Continental US
    The intersection of highway 211 (Howe Street) and SR 1852 (Robert Ruark Dr.) in Southport is in a serious need of turning lights.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    4008-4016 Robert Ruark Dr Se Southport, NC 28461, USA - Continental US
    There are a number of pot holes on both sides of the road on Robert Ruark Dr. that are dangerous and need to be addressed.
  • Intersection Of 133 And Daws Ck Rd - Continental US
    Blind area to left and right traffic entering hwy 133 from Daws Creek Rd. Let's get a caution light to warn of oncoming traffic, please!
  • 1-45 Lighthouse Cove Loop Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores

    Resident address is 45 Lighthouse Cove Loop. GIS will not reflect correct address in Carolina Shores. We have lived in the Lighthouse Cove community since 2018 and never saw anyone clean out the ditch that runs parallel to our house. It looks to be full of debris (limbs & leaves, etc.) and our concern is with the hurricane season upon us, this may become an issue. Could someone please take a look? When you turn into Lighthouse Cove community, the ditch I am referring to is on the right and not sure what house it starts with but there is definitely alot of debris behind our house at 45 Lighthouse Cove Loop.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If this is not something of your purview, please let me know who to contact.

  • 4 Egret Ct Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores

    Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 1:52 PM
    Subject: Fwd: Proper Water Drainage requested - need POA and Town review ASAP

    Dear Town of Carolina Shores,

    We have reached out to our POA, requesting guidance for poor drainage in our community, which is effecting a few connected lots. I am providing the details below for your information and review. If there is someone within the Town office our landscaper should speak with, regarding his drainage solution recommendation, please let me know.

    Thank you,

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    Sent: Wed, Mar 17, 2021 1:40 pm
    Subject: Proper Water Drainage requested - need POA and Town review ASAP
    Dear Carolina Shores POA,

    I'm not sure which committee I should talk to about our Standing Water Problem for our home and surrounding homes. Can you please forward this email to the appropriate person(s)? Advisory Committee? Other?

    I purchased our home in October 2019. When I toured the home with our Realtor and began the purchase process, the ground was dry and disclosure mentioned there had never been water inside the home. However, there was no disclosure about the amount of water that surrounds our home after heavy rain(s).

    At present, my husband and I are working with a landscaper to try and correct the drainage problem (i.e., lack of proper drainage between our home and neighboring homes). However, to correct the drainage properly is quite expensive.

    Wouldn't the POA and Town of Carolina Shores be responsible to ensure home lots have some form of proper drainage? There are 4 home lots that border our home - all with poor drainage (photos attached from February 2021).

    Here's a Map that shows our home lot (highlighted Yellow) and where water collects around neighboring lots (highlighted in Blue): Home lots effected: 4 Egret Ct., 2 Egret Ct., 6 Egret Ct., 84 Carolina Shores Dr., 82 Carolina Shores Dr.

    We are willing to invest some money in correcting the grading issue with our own property. However, we would like to know if Carolina Shores POA would get involved in this project and request proper drainage out to Beach Rd 179, from the Town of Carolina Shores, our our behalf. Our landscaper is happy to speak with the Town of Carolina Shores with their recommendations.

    Please see attached photos. We'd really appreciate someone's help/guidance ASAP.

    Thank you,
    Julie Turner & David Berger
    home owners - 4 Egret Ct, Carolina Shores

  • 14 Lighthouse Cove Loop Carolina Shores 28467, United States - Carolina Shores
    The curb between 14 and 16 Lighthouse Cove Loop is so low that the water does not drain properly into the sewer. The water almost goes over the curb and onto the lawn.
  • Streets Archived
    940 Palmer Dr Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores
    Resident is asking what is Town property and what is her property from the street. There is a tree on the property and she needs to know if it's hers or the Towns.
  • 698 Governors Rd Se Town Creek, NC 28479, USA - Winnabow
    I'm sure the NCDOT knows about this problem since they patch this road 2-3 times a year. The patches are only good for about a couple of months. It would save the state money if they would just fix this problem instead of patching it over and over again! Please do something!!!!
  • 3 Sage Ct Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores
    Resident says there is an area between the road and ditch that belongs to the Town. Resident wants the Town to come and look at this area and possibly re-seed it.
  • Fence Post Ln Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores
    Resident states that construction debris (plastic sheets that wrap the houses) is in the easement (ditch) behind her house.
  • 14 Picket Fence Ln Carolina Shores, NC, 28467, USA - Carolina Shores
    Resident states traffic is coming down to cul de sac and turning around thinking it is a way out of the community. She is requesting a sign be put up that says, "No Outlet" or "Dead End" or something that lets people know it is not a way out.