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  • 614 High St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    when turning off of 6th onto high street, you cannot see oncoming traffic from the south because there is always two maxi vans parked infront of the apartments there. it needs to be compact car parking only!
  • Vine & Second St. Fairport Harbor, OH - Fairport Harbor
    Stops signs need to be posted here to stop speeders who fly down this street. During the summer, people use this crosswalk to get to Prospect and go down to the beach. I know of people that have been hit in this area. Something needs to be done.
  • 1000 High Street fairport, OH - Fairport Harbor
    When pulling out onto High St. from Orchard St. cars parked on High St. Northbound block view. You have to pull way out to see who is coming down the hill, then you have to watch for cars coming up High St. from the left.
  • 602-620 Plum St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    Stop parking in drop off zone. Pull to curb,let child out, pull away to allow next student to be dropped off. School or village should have adults outside to enforce this.
  • speeders Archived
    105-199 East St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    Watch your speed coming up from the marina, also watch for cars parked on the side of the road coming up the hill!
  • 314 New St. Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    The garage at 314 New St. in Fairport Harbor is falling down, the roof has caved in and is a safety hazard and an eye sore and needs to be demolished..
  • High St Open
    1300 High St To 1500 High St - Fairport Harbor
    Why was High Street from the Railroad tracks to the V coner at East Street changed from a passing zone to no passing? There is no reason you can't pass in this area- open road.
  • 310 New St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    310 New St., needs a total back yard clean up. Trash, junk, and bags of garbage litter this back yard including many of what looks like old animal cages. Dog feces all over the yard. Very unhealthy enviroment for the children that in this this house and play in the backyard. Also the garage is in poor shape and needs to be demolished. Please clean up your yard!!!
  • 200 East St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    The stop sign on the corner of East and 2nd street gets ignored at people heading to the marina or down the bar on the lake risk accidents to get there. Then on the way out you have motorcycles fly down east street at about 40 to 50 mph in a 25 mph zone as well as the rest of the crew that heads up from the marina area
  • 1385 High St. - Fairport Harbor
    The traffic light at the "V" insection coming into Fairport Harbor should go to flashing caution at 10pm. There is no need to leave this light run 24x7. The city officials say it would be confusing for drivers to turn it on then to flashing. Come on we are not dumb and the light confuses you, you shouldn't be on the rd in the 1st place. Even Mentor shuts the lights down by the mall afyer certain time of the day.
  • 533 Eagle St Fairport Harbor, OH 44077, USA - Fairport Harbor
    A large section of concrete is sinking. The slabs of concrete sink deeper with heavy rain. The dirt underneath has been washed away, now there is a 3-4 foot deep hole where the concrete has broken off.
  • Great Event Archived
    129 2nd St Fairport Harbor - Fairport Harbor
    The Lake Metroparks tri-Athalon was held Sunday. Great event even with the rain yet not even a blurb from this rag. God I hate this newspaper.