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  • Ivy Hill Road - Ridgefield
    The rail trail has eroded for about 300 feet near the Ivy Hill Road entrance. The capping of the trail seems to have been compromised.
  • 70-148 Danbury Rd Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    Maybe this has been stated, but it hasn't been fixed. What's the deal with the traffic light out side copps hill and HSBC Bank? Nearly every time I drive through that area in the afternoon, it's all jammed up? Can't the two sets of lights be coordinated to make traffic move? Wasn't there an expensive traffic study done over the years there?
  • 113-181 St Johns Rd Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    Posted Speed is 25. People drive 45-55 on it regularly, Especially on the straight-away. There are kids, people running and walking their dogs alot. Very popular place for people who don't even live on the street to run there. Having someone barrel past you at that speed is unnerving since the road could be considered rather narrow.
    Please post signs to slow down, kids in area, etc. Police patrol now and then might curb these habits too. Finally what is with all the graffiti on the stop signs etc around town. Makes Ridgefield look kinda ghetto? Thanks for your time!
  • 441 Main St Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    YEARLY craters that the landlord could permanently fix. Or how far in does the Town own? If the Town gives fines to shop owners who do not shovel, WHY do they not give fines to owners who leave pot holes for months without repair?
  • 31-99 High Ridge Ave Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    People are flooring it coming from West Lane to shortcut via High Ridge, regularly in excess of double the limit. Need regular police speed trap here.
  • Corner Gilbert & Main Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield
    The corner of Gilbert and Main Street has poor lighting by the sidewalk. If one is driving southbound on Main and taking the right onto Gilbert, it is impossible to see if there are any southbound pedestrians attempting to cross the street.
  • 64 Remington Rd Ridgefield, CT - Ridgefield
    Drivers regularly speed right through the stop signs at Remington and Hamilton streets. Many drivers on Remington speed, and a shocking number either slightly slow down but do not stop at the stop signs or even just speed right through the signs (the one facing in the direction of Barry St is the one most often ignored because it's on a straighter path). The drivers are endangering themselves and other drivers as well as walkers. Walkers particularly don not like this, but even workers in the area have complained about this.
  • 441 Main St Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    There should be a stop sign here in the middle of the road in front of Gap for the pedestrian crosswalk. Cars rarely stop and are going way too fast through town.
  • Corner Of Main & Prospect Streets Ridgefield CT - Ridgefield
    Around 2 yrs ago, the poles holding the traffic signals at the CVS exit and at Prospect & Main Streets were replaced, placing these poles in a different spot. In so doing, the placement of the hanging traffic lights were different. The result is many near rear-end collisions (don't know if any have happened) and a lot of car honking. What happens when one gets the green light as they exit CVS parking lot and makes a left turn is that you are then, within approx 40'-50' facing a red light. This red light is meant for the cars going north on Main St but if you follow traffic rules, you stop at a red light. Those who follow the rule stop, unexpectedly to the car in back of it, and everybody starts honking for them to go thru the red traffice light - which is against the law. Usually, as the honking continues, the car moves thru it. Initially I notified the Town, the Police Chief, who referred me to the State Highway Dept, who in turn referred me to the person who was involved in engineering this configuration. Nothing was done, nobody really cares and it will continue - a dangerous situation and honking throughout the day.
  • Route 102 And Main Street Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    Cars and trucks are travelling well above the speed limit, and right in front of Selectman's home, making it very dangerous for anyone to make the left turn onto Main Street! Time to ticket these drives.
  • The Bark Park - Ridgefield
    In the area marked "all dogs" the latch that holds the gate shut is broken.
  • 77-113 New St Ridgefield, CT 06877, USA - Ridgefield
    There is a huge tree at the end of New Street on the corner of Rt 116-North Salem Road on the right side next to the stop sign. The tree is obstructing the view to see cars coming down the hill and to make it possible to turn left. It is also difficult when cars traveling from the left are making the corner there fast. The tree needs to come down. It is extremely dangerous for the school buses traveling the the high school, middle school and elementary schools.