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  • 42338-42510 Romeo Plank Rd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    This section of Romeo Plank between Cass and Canal is so broken up it really should be closed until it can be replaced. It will destroy your car's suspension and tires. It reallt is becoming a safety issue.
  • 41400-41998 Garfield Rd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    What is going on with these new lights? I realize the new system was implemented to speed the flow of traffic, but the duration is never the same. There are terrible accidents DAILY in this intersection due to people assuming their turn light will turn to a green arrow. Sometimes, it doesn't change to green at all!
  • Round abouts Archived
    43177-43273 Romeo Plank Rd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    Police need to sit here for a few days and observe how many people don't know how to use these things. I have been run of the road on a number of occasions because drivers don't know how to use these round abouts, and the high students don't pay attenetion to the signs either.
  • Patridge Creek Blvd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Macomb Township
    The light on Hall Road should be AT Partridge Creek Drive. People trying to get out of the mall, especially those wishing to cross all lanes to turn around and head westbound, cannot safely exit because of continual traffic flow. Light needs to be placed at the mall access.
  • 40899-41199 Romeo Plank Rd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    The intersection of Canal and Romeo Plank needs a traditional stop light. Traffic has doubled since the new library was constructed. And when the church services let out, or when there is a soccer or baseball game at the civic center, traffic is lined up at least 15 cars long in all directions. It wouldn't be so bad if drivers knew how to use the current 4-way-stop system.
  • 20300-20512 Clinton River Rd Clinton, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    I truly believe this MUST be the worst road in Macomb County!
  • 42001-42099 Cimarron St Clinton Township, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    The entire subdivision off of Cimarron needs to be repaved. Every street has cement with wholes that has damaged my car.
  • 40445 South Groesbeck Clinton Township, MI 48036 - Clinton Township
    There is a need for a dedicated left turn signal when turning out of the Meijer Parking lot, and off of Church heading south on Groesbeck. It takes 3 lights to make a left and the results have left WAY too many people coming through the residential neighborhood on Church Street. That intersection is a nightmare.
  • 19898 Metro Pkwy Clinton, MI 48036, USA - Clinton Township
    Railroad tracks that cut 16 Mile just west of Groesbeck. These tracks running thru 16 are the worst I have ever seen. Not even close to acceptable!
  • 42349-42999 Garfield Rd Clinton, MI 48038, USA - Clinton Township
    The Intersection at 19 mile and Garfield . The Light favors Garfield way too much you can be 200 feet from the the light (while on 19 going west) and the light will change from green to yellow to red letting only 1 to 2 cars through . I have timed it and the light will stay green less then 10 seconds !
  • Metropolitan Pkwy Clinton Township, MI 48035, USA - Clinton Township
    The MI left traffic lights are not synchronized allon Metropolitan Pkwy from Harper to Utica Rd. that I know of. We wait at the Mi left light and then pull up to the main street and wait again. With the gas prices going up, it is a was of gas sitting at both lights.