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  • Mineola Ave And Old Northern - Roslyn
    cant see lines or arrows on road. Creates confusion daily! Called the tonh dept of road works last year......
  • 1750 Northern Boulevard Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn
    Office buildling has piled up their snow removal piles onto Northern Blvd. eastbound; PRI office building...unsafe...drivers are swerving out of lane to avoid.
  • 1786 N Hempstead Turnpike Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn
    Just hit this thing last night and blew a tire. Same thing happened to a friend last week. The pothole is located in the left hand lane, approximately across from Rallye Motors. The county / state needs to start fixing these things before everybody goes broke replacing blown tires / dented rims!
  • Northern Boulevard Roslyn, New York - Roslyn
    AboutT half the lights on Northern Blvd. viaduct in Roslyn have been out for 2 months. Why?
  • Road cleaning Archived
    3-5 Mackay Way Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn
    Please have the sand and debris cleared off Mackay Way. It is dangerous. Thank you
  • Northern Boulevard Roslyn, New York - Roslyn
    The pedestrian walkway over the Roslyn Viaduct is overgrown with weeds and littered with roadway debris and garbage. I am not sure which department is responsible for maintenance of the Viaduct, but some of this debris has been in the walkway for over 12 months.
  • 39-99 Papermill Rd Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn
    this isaconcerned citizan of roslyn in recent nights cars on the driverand passanger sideds of the cars have been broken intwo windows smashed,things taken residents are concerned for safty,with also people elderly and dog walkers weare suggesting camaras be bought and placed fro security ,in the lot please concered this propsal ,concerned citizen ,of the gardens at 481Bedwards street rghts thanks Sincerly pam
  • Northern Boulevard Roslyn, NY - Roslyn
    Man-eating, giant potholes in Northern Blvd. roadway eastbound just before the viaduct...Has gotten much worse since the snow...Traffic must come to stop before can proceed. Worst is the southern lane eastbound. Get Gov. Cuomo to get it fixed because this is s NYS project there!
  • 1443 Old Northern Blvd Roslyn, NY 11576, USA - Roslyn
    This fence at the base of Remsen Ave. looks cheap and temporary, but has been there for a very long time, and dies not fit in with the surrounding area. The same holds true for the gate on Old Northern Blvd for the same property. Could this be removed or upgraded to blend in with the area better?
  • Mineola Ave. And Pine Drive South Roslyn, NY, USA - Roslyn
    Light bulb on street light at Mineola Ave. and Pine Drive South at entrance to Roslyn Pines is out. Please replace ASAP. It's not safe to cross the street in the dark there!
  • Pine Dr South And Mineloa Ave Roslyn, NY - Roslyn
    Light is out
  • 89 East Broadway Roslyn, New York - Roslyn
    89-90-91 EAST BROADWAY: