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  • Disasterville Acknowledged
    260 Griffin Ave Scarsdale, NY 10583 - Scarsdale
    Gigantic string of potholes. Griffen Ave, in general, makes roads in Somalia look smooth as glass!
  • White Plains Rd Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    little to no service
  • Scarsdale, Ny - Scarsdale
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Hutchinson River Pkwy Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    between exit 20 and 23 on the Hutch I always seem to lose service
  • Cornell Street Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    Cornell Street has new vehicle weight limit signs - 1/4 ton unless local delivery. That's only 500lbs! My prius weights over 3K lbs. Does anyone in the Scarsdale DPW know math?!?
  • Please, please, please - can someone please fix this disaster of a road called Griffen!!? It's a true disaster waiting to happen, as drivers are forced to swerve out of lane to avoid the multitude of deep road hazards. Very dangerous situation and extremely damaging to one's vehicle.
  • 47 Woods Ln Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    The areas around Woods, E. Woods, and Forest have very poor Verizon signals. The Verizon rep explained that this particular area of Edgewood is "owned" by another carrier, so that Verizon users do not have direct access to a Verizon cell tower. Reception indoors is spotty at best and sometimes non-existent, particular for receiving Web data over the 4g or 3g network.
  • 16 Gatehouse Road scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    Streetlight not working
  • 24 Gatehouse Road Scarsdale, New York - Scarsdale
    Gatehouse road has deep potholes through the street and needs repaving.
  • Bronx River Pkwy Scarsdale, NY - Scarsdale
    Right before the "curve" southbound by exit 12/11
  • 1 Grand Park Ave Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA - Scarsdale
    Although Griffen was repaved last year, Grand Park is a mess. You turn off the smooth surface of Griffen and immediately it an assortment of potholes and uneven repairs.
  • 77 Top Of The Ridge Driver scarsdale, ny - Scarsdale
    Down trees from winter storm
    Reported from my mobile device