Hillsborough Township

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  • Dukes Pkwy Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township
    Prior to resurfacing the road, there was a sign and arrows in the road, crossing over rt 206 from the jughandle on Dukes Parkway East that the left lane MUST turn left, but they left that out, now people go into the left lane and attempt to beat the traffic out causing a dangerous situation and it should be corrected. As you cross 206, the two lanes suddenly turn into one lane. The left lane should be for left turns only! Only the right lane should be allowed to go straight across 206. It is an accident waiting to happen and I would be suprised if there hasn't already been a few.
  • 31-161 Falcon Rd Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township
    This section of Falcon Road is HORRIBLE. Many times, driving the speed limit, you can easily BOUNCE right off the road. The road is VERY rough and horrible paved. Not to mention the 3 dozen potholes that are everywhere!
  • rough road Archived
    section of road from the traffic light by KMart to IHOP. road is so tour up. and it never gets fixed!
  • Rt 206 And Amwell Road Hillsborough Township, NJ - Hillsborough Township
    Previously at 206 and Amwell, you could proceed to turn left after traffic finished coming from the other direction. The green turn arrow would turn to a full green light. Now the green turn arrow becomes red when cars are allowed to proceed straight. So all the cars that could turn if there are no cars coming from the other direction have to sit and wait. This is taking things backwards. Changes should reduce traffic and frustration, not increase it.
  • 139-141 U.S. 206 Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township
    Northbound lane directly in front of Ashes Nursery
  • Falcon Rd Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township


    patched pavement uneven. needs to be paved

  • 1118 Millstone River Rd - Hillsborough Township
    south bound lane, near center line, south of Manville, 1118 Millstone River Rd
  • 2 ft Pothole Archived
    131-245 E Mountain Rd Hillsborough, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township
    On the southbound side of the road, there is a large pothole outside of the home at 307 E. Mountain Road, Hillsborough. It is right after a turn and very difficult to anticipate.
  • Falcon Rd Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township
    road is a bumpy mess
  • 319 Lake Shore Drive Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey - Hillsborough Township
    sidewalk and driveway, front steps and patio
  • Route 206 And Triangle Roads To Valley Road Hillsborough, NJ - Hillsborough Township
    the timing on the traffic light between triangle road and valley road is horrible. traffic is always backed up for no reason.
  • 2 Hillsborough Rd Hillsborough, NJ, 08844, USA - Hillsborough Township

    2 Potholes middle of street by 2 lewis street, where kids play often.

    2nd time reported, prior by a phone call.

    Thank You