Ocean Park Virginia Beach Virginia

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Ocean Park neighborhood Virginia Beach Virginia

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  • Traffic Sign Acknowledged
    3558 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Drivers are not yielding for pedestrians crossing Shore. A :"yield t Pedestrians" sign need placed here at the crosswalk before someone gets killed
  • 2201 Dinwiddie Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Sunken areas around manhole covers causing significant pooling of water and jarring when traveling over the location.
  • Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Please fill in the multiple potholes on shore dr. between Great Neck and Marlin Bay dr. It would also be nice if the jarring bumps on the north, westbound lane at the transition from asphalt to concrete surface of the Lesner bridge and when exiting off the bridge could be leveled out. They have to be more than two inches deep and a violation of VDOT specs.
  • 3577 Piedmont Cir Virginia Beach 23455, United States - Northwest
    Lots of graffiti on the bulkhead on the bay side.
  • 3619-3629 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    parking lot is abutting roadway. The parking lot needs striped at tis property and the road needs striped to show turn lane. People park at this restaurant in the roadway because this can't tell where the road and the parking lot are divided. DANGEROUS. People have been killed her in the past
  • Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    gravel and asphalt debris on concrete median needs cleaned up, also any that is on road
  • 122 East Stratford Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    At the corner of E. Stratford Drive and Shore Drive, there are many potholes, broken asphalt and road debris in the landscaping.
  • Tazewell Rd And Piedmont Cir Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    There is a no parking sign, but it is never enforced. There are cars that park directly in front of the no parking sign on a regular basis. This makes it difficult for residents to back out of their driveways. It most likely would block a firetruck or ambulance from reaching residents in the back of Piedmont Cir. Please add routine enforcement and enforce the "towing enforced" signage. Thank you.
  • Shore Dr Virginia Beach 23455, United States - Virginia Beach city
    Exposed dangerous construction debris at low tides under bridge: rusty frayed cables, rebar, metal and concrete
  • 122 E Stratford Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    There is a large accumulation of sand in the walking/biking area for pedestrians on the west side of the Lesner bridge. The sand has nearly caused be to fall on several occasions while riding my bike. A fall will likely cause the rider to go into the traffic lane and is therefore extremely dangerous.
  • 2108 Whispering Sands Ln Virgina Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Curb in need of repair. Damage due to tree roots is causing a hazard to vehicular traffic. Curb needs to be repaired and tree removed to prevent further damage.
  • 3632 E Stratford Rd Virginia Beach 23455 United States - Northwest
    This is the corner of E Stratford Rd and Dinwiddie during Memorial Day Weekend. Due to a lack of signage restricting parking, it becomes overcrowded and unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians. Emergency vehicles, or any large vehicles, would not be able to move through the intersection and the roadway. The two-way stop on Dinwiddie is not sufficient due to overcrowding of vehicles on E Stratford obstructing drivers view of oncoming traffic. There is no speed limit sign posted in this area and this route is commonly used as a detour when Shore Drive is backed up. The signage and parking needs to be assessed for safety reasons.