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  • 15 S Chestnut St New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    Going north across 299 from 208 to 32 there are two lanes...however neither one is marked and "Right turn only" or "Left turn only". There is only one lane going straight but how do drivers need to know which lane to be in if it is not marked? This is already a confusing intersection anyway because the roads are not quite across from each other. We need markings on one of the two lanes so drivers know where they need to be.
  • Intersection 299/32/208 New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz

    Drivers traveling from the bridge headed east that want to turn north often sit through 2 traffic light signals because there is no left turn signal. There is a left turn lane. There is a left turn signal on the Southbound light.

    People cut through Huguenot street to avoid this light, to the detriment of the historic stone houses.

  • 36 Mulberry St New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    Mulberry Street and Propsect Street connect, but both streets have Dead End signs on them and there is not Prospect and Mulberry Streets street sign either. The map of the county shows they connect, but the house at 81 Prospect Street has made a backyard out of Mulberry Street. There should be connectivity for the children to get safely and easily to the swimming pool away from Henry W. Du Bois Road.
  • Village New Paltz Church And Mulberry Streets - New Paltz
    Continuously running steam of liquid with sewer gas smell surfacing at grate south west corner of Church and Mulberry Street, diagonally across from fire hydrant at corner of public park and pool. Stream has been current since pool opened for this year's season. Flows unabated even during dry spells.
  • Main St.New Paltz NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    None of the new meters work properly. The signs say 2 hour limit, but you can only put 1 coin in for 1 hour at a time. God forbid you want to go out for lunch or dinner in have to get up every hour to check the meter to find a meter maid waiting for the second it's up. For a mile long strip of bars and liquor stores there is no where to park over night. So if someone has too much to drink and makes the smart decison to take a cab home... they get towed! $130! down the street! The tow guys are out there at 6am! New Paltz needs to find a better way to make money then harrassing drivers.
  • Hawk Dr New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    Parking lot behind JFT, Humanities, LEC, and the Library is full of HUGE pot holes, with one crater at the entrance to the parking lot, behind JFT.
  • 2 S Manheim Blvd New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    This is an accident waiting to be worse - children have already been hit crossing the street at this intersecion - apperently no one has been injured enough for the school, village or police to do ANYthing about this. DISGUSTING!
  • deep pothole Archived
    55-57 N Chestnut St New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    deep pothole northbound
  • 100 Church Street New Paltz - New Paltz
    The privatizing of a public playground at 100 Church Street in New Paltz is racist, bigoted and anti-semitic.
  • Corner Church And Henry Dubois - New Paltz
    The Village repaved Henry DuBois and repaved Church, but they left a section between the two repaved section untouched. That means when you travelling north on Church St. and want to turn right onto Henry DuBois, your car must go over a series of uneven paveing. I have seen cars swing wide including myself when making this turn so to hit the seams evenly, which puts us into oncoming traffic. If you make the turn correctly here you are tossed about.
  • 15-19 N Chestnut St New Paltz, NY 12561, USA - New Paltz
    Large holes cause folks to swerve into on coming traffic constantly.
  • Street Sign Archived
    54 Huguenot Street New Paltz, New York - Town and Country Condominiums
    Titled street sign