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    I-215 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Holladay

    My name is Blake Farnsworth and I have been a resident of Cottonwood Heights for the last seven years. The reason for my email is to address an issue I have experienced while driving eastbound on 6200 South using the on ramp to enter northbound I-215. If you are familiar with this on ramp, there are two directions of traffic that utilize this on ramp: those who are driving eastbound on 6200 South and those who are driving westbound on 6200 South (coming down the hill from Wasatch Blvd). From the traffic signs I have always been under the impression that the traffic driving eastbound has the right of way on the on ramp and the traffic driving westbound is to yield because of the two yield signs posted. This is illustrated in my attached photo. Now to my issue. In my experience where traffic from both directions are utilizing the on ramp at the same time, westbound 6200 South traffic hardly ever yields. I have kept tallies in my daily driving and my best estimate is 7/10 cars coming from westbound 6200 South do not yield. Since I feel I have the right of way I do not yield to them either (being as defensive on my side as possible so not to cause an accident). In so doing I have been honked at, flashed with lights, “flipped off”, and road ragged against because the westbound traffic seems to not see the Yield sign in their lane. If I am experiencing this so frequently, I assume other local drivers are as well. Surely there is something that can be done that is cost efficient but will also help fix this problem. One thought I have had is to install red flashing lights around the yield sign so to get drivers’ attention. This has been done around the Salt Lake Valley and has seemed to be effective where they are used.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • S 3000 E & E 6200 S Holladay, UT, 84121, USA - Holladay
    The light going northbound on 6200 S and 3000 E is taking extremely long to change. It has been this way for at least two days. Cars going northbound are backing up past the closest light. It appears to be a sensor that could be broken or the timer is extremely off. We waited at the light for over 10 minutes.
  • 6200 South 3000 East Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    I-215 interchange. Awesome traffic flow design. Never an issue in any direction until now. Traveling west on 6200 south the light to enter and travel west on I-215 the green just got shortened dramatically. Back ups causing trouble.
  • 3000 E 6200 S Cottonwood Heights, Utah - Holladay
    When in the middle left turn lane on 3000 E The light is green for 6200 S but no cars and you sit and sit and sit and sit. I have actually waiting so long that I could read a book. I have gone through the light when no traffic is going east or west when I have a red. I am in a car. I have this issue when I ride my Motorcycle so I just look and wait ant look and wait then go through. Please fix this so those who work in mornings and late evenings can get through lights when there is no traffic. should change be even during the late nights and early evenings for all directions.
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    Belt Route Holladay, UT - Holladay

    Recently there was work done on the I-215 overpass over 6200 South in Holladay. The work was apparently completed several months ago, but there is still a lot of construction material including orange barrels and pylons and other crap that was left behind. Are there any plans to have the contractor clean up his mess? Or is it going to remain an eyesore forever? Also, they tore up the vegetation and there are large areas of bare earth, deep tire ruts, etc. etc. etc. Again, any plans to re-grade and re-plant? Or just more perpetual eyesore? I am tired of looking at it.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  • E 6200 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    Tradffic signal eastbound 6200 South to I-215 malfunctioning. I see it was reported, but out again today at 1:30 pm - three full cycles with no turn arrow to enter freeway; again at 5:30, when no turn arrow for two cycles and green light to head due east only allowed two cars.
  • S 3000 E & E 6200 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Holladay
    With the new no light Right lane going W from Wasatch to I215 North. Why does the 3000 E heading N light take so long to turn. I leave in the early morning and basically every time except for after 3pm the light seems to allow East or West traffic through with no traffic even though there are people waiting at light on 3000 E North. I thought with the new addition the light would give way to 3000 E North people waiting. It is so frustrating to wait going N on 3000 E When there is no or less traffic for people waiting at the light.
  • East Cottonwood Parkway cottonwood heights, Utah - Cottonwood Heights
    As cars exit Cottonwood Parkway, and turn Left (North) on 3000E, there are 2 lanes of traffic that can turn. When the light turns green, pedestrian crossing 3000E are allowed to cross (per the pedestrian light) this causes a potential safety issue for pedestrians as cars do not stop. The pedestrain light should given when both lights are Red.
  • Signage Archived
    Belt Rte Holladay UT 84121, United States - Cottonwood Heights
    The bridge at this onramp needs signage for black ice 100' and 500' before the bridge starts. I almost saw a pileup this morning and did witness one accident at 8:20 AM 4-12-2022. Signs should say "black ice at bridge ahead" and have flashing lights any time temperatures reach below 40 degrees F. This is the westbound on-ramp from 6200 south to I-215
  • E 6200 S Holladay, UT, 84121, USA - Holladay
    Light only changing green every few minutes and will stay green for 5 seconds only. Lots of traffic building up!