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  • 1-199 E Phoenix Dr Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    The left turn lane was helpful before it was recently taken away! I was hoping a left arrow would be added, but instead there is no more left turn lane at all. Left turners hold up through traffic and it is hazardous to make a left without an arrow or lane.
  • 137-199 Prospect St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville

    The new parking system is a failure. Phoenixville has a chance to recover as a town but the new paid parking system is hurting local businesses. These paid lots are driving more people to leave Phoenixville quicker and visit less locations.

    Is the government of Phoenixville actually aregent enough to think they are the ones driving the revitilization of the town. There not, local businesses are the ones that are driving it. Phoenixville's goverment is now getting in the way and will slow if not stop the recovery of phoenixville.

  • 701-789 W Bridge St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    This is a big bottleneck for people wanting to turn left onto Nutt Road from W. Bridge Street. Many people are coming across Nutt Road from intown Phoenixville and a lot of times people turning left just go through on a red light. Otherwise, you don't get a turn.
  • Ringold And Althouse Lane And Morris Cemetery Entrance - Phoenixville
    The intersection of Ringold and Althouse Lane going toward the cemetery is very dangerous for drivers on Ringold and Althouse because the owners of that property have erected a fence and planted bushes which totally block the view for drivers entering that intersection. This fence should never have been allowed.
  • 100-140 Mowere Rd Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    The 25 mph speed limit needs to be enforced on Mowere Rd. Way too many speeders
  • Eland Downe Village - Phoenixville
    A traffic light is needed for the residents of Eland Downe and the Shops at Eland Downe. Its a very dangerious intersection and with numerous accidents and to many close calls this shoud be a priority for phoenixville!
  • 101-499 Lexington Dr Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    This appratment comple is plagued by problems with the buildings. The complex refuses to address large cracks in walls, ceilings, and showers. In some cases Water leaks through and it still goes unaddressed. Phoenixville needs to step in and force them to maintain there buildings.
  • 197-199 Schuylkill Rd Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    A left hand turn signal is needed at the Intersection of Route 724 and Township Line Road, especially during rush hour. It's impossible to turn here.
  • 252 Morgan St Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    There are fainted yellow lines on the left side of the road that people park against even though it's against the LAW. I can't tell you how many times I've almost clipped a car coming out of my apartment because it was parked where the yellow line is painted. HELLO. It's there for a reason. Inbetween my parking lot there are always people parking where the yellow lines are which makes it a safety hazard. When I pull out of the parking lot I can't see oncoming traffic. When I leave it's too tight to turn because a car is parked illegally. HELP
  • 753-799 Bridge St Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville

    First of all - Thanks to PennDoT for changing the arrangement of the lights for traffic going east on Rt 23 and north on Rt 113.

    NOW, if only they would put in some rumble strips and paint some 'yield' signs on the road for traffic going south on Rt. 113 at this intersection with Rt. 23.

    It seems that drivers in Pennsylvania cannot comprehend the meaning of the word 'Yield'. Some think it means the same as 'Merge', others don't even think.

  • Althouse Ln Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA - Phoenixville
    PennDoT truck always parked on roadway. "No parking this side" "No parking this block" signs on both sides of Althouse Lane.
    Today, Sunday, October 16, the truck was there all night and day and not only that it was parked facing traffic which is also against the law in Phoenixville.
  • Rts 23 And 113 Phoenixville, PA - Phoenixville
    The straight or right turn lane at the intersection of Nutt Rd and Kimberton Rd, should be a right turn only lane. Aggressive drivers use it to pass the line of cars who are in the straight only lane on Nutt. This is especially bad during the morning rush. This is not only dangerous once they have to merge back in after crossing the intersection, but it is unfair to people who are wanting to use it for a right turn. It is also dangerous for those on Kimberton road, who are merging right onto Nutt. It's a bad design.