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  • Rte 183 Or Torringford St Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torringford
    People are speeding from Walmart to Winsted on rte 183 .... turning left onto Country Club Rd and other turns off of 183 makes it very serious as I have seen many close calls with rear end accidents ..... ugh!!! They don't slow down when turn signals are on because they are speeding. Maybe a blinking yellow light would help.
  • Coe Park - Torrington
    Once, JUST ONCE, I want to be able to take my children to this park without having to see the wretched raggies smoking, drinking, yelling obscenities and befriending other raggies there. It's such a shame because it is a nice park but these people have made it their spring/summer sharehold. Disgusting.
  • 1 S Main St Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    Almost EVERY day I am run into another lane because people do not know which lane they're supposed to be in. This is the intersection at the end of East Main, leading onto either South Main or Litchfield. I get beeped at, almost plowed into, and get the finger on a regular basis, and I am in the right lane! They are in the Litchfield lane and make a sharp turn into my South Main lane. Please re-paint lines or make a clear sign.
  • 16-50 U.S. 202 Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    When the bank of lights controlling Main St, Litchfield St, and S. Main st(as well as the plaza)turns from red to green, the green arrow light that directs traffic to Litchfield St turns red... for 5 second, literally. This causes people turning onto Litchfield St to jump on their brakes, even from a low speed, and causes fairly frequent accidents. While this seems like a small complaint, it's very easily changed, and should be.
  • Norfolk Road - Burrville
    Just after a brown ranch house on the right, just past the field on Rte 272 there is a dirt road. There's a house on that road that lets its dogs bark 24/7. I have been taping this and I have over 150 hours to present to the dog warden. There is suspicion of an illegal kennel as well. I plan on reporting these people to the Humane Society. I am sick of barking dogs-non stop.
  • Pinewoods Rd. And Torringford St. - Torringford
    This intersection needs some lines until construction is complete, along with a stop line. People pull out of here like there is still and island and are actually in the other lane.
  • Intersection Of Winsted Rd And Kennedy Drive torrington, ct - Burrville
    when turning up onto kennedy dr from winsted rd there is a large pothole/ bump in road that as soon as you turn onto street you need to slow down so you do not hit the hole to hard and reck your car- slowing down the other day i almost got rear ended because it is going up the hill and people do not expect you to slow down when accelerating up a hill.
  • Lowes Rear Parking Lot - Torrington
    Daily, vandals and illegal racing continues to destroy the peace and improvements of the back parking lot of Lowes. During the dusk and night hours people gather to do burnouts, drifting and destroy the work that was done to make this a beautiful and convenient access to the shopping area.
  • 576 S Main St Torrington, CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    People of South Maine St Area and Palmer Bridge Area - Pick up your trash and clean up your yards, your all bringing down the value of the properties down there.
  • Homeless Camp Archived
    Torrington CT 06790, USA - Torrington
    Large group of homeless people's tents/etc behind the Warrenton Mills & KMart. Using Warrenton Mills (private) parking lot as walk through. Picking through trash/recycing containers. Campfire smoke filling the complex - fire risk for surrounding forest and condo residents. Intimidating residents walking their dogs. From what I've heard, it has been an issue for a few years without anything done about it.
  • 1385 Marshall Lake - Burrville
    For several weeks now there has been a bright red Dodge Neon car, a white beat up work van and other misc vehicles stopping or slowing in this area. These are not local people or neighbors and they are very suspicious acting. I want the cops to watch for these cars that are full of people who have no business lurking around our neighborhood. We are aware of you and will take action.
  • 990 Torringfor Street/East Main St. Entrance - Torringford
    A very dangerous intersection wiith people pulling in and out of the Goodwill parking lot. this intersection really needs a light.