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Parts of Melrose & Pine Hills

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  • 42 N Allen St Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    This is a single family home. New owners have created bedrooms on every floor. The living room and dining room have been turned into several bedrooms. The attic now has several bedrooms. There are even bedrooms the size of closets. These are not apartments only rooms.
  • Pothole Archived
    70-86 Brevator St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Melrose
    Multiple potholes on Brevator going from Western to Washington Ave. Potholes are very deep on Driver side.
    You are to maneuver over 5 potholes.
    I have now replaced 4 low profile tires are $400 each.
    My dealer said I have a gash on the passenger side wheel now and the drivers side wheels. I drive Western from 87 to New Scotland and New Scotland to Washington Ave each day. Pothole near Allen and Madison has already been reported.
    I am sure that is the hold that caused the gash. Please fix asap. I live in Loudonville and park in a garage each night. I park in a huge VA lot. The only cause for my tire issues over the last 3 years are the City of Albany Potholes. PLEASE FIX ASAP.
  • 188 W Lawrence St Albany Ny 12203 Usa - Pine Hills
    The new owners of the house at 188 West Lawrence St are attempting to turn this two family dwelling into 4 or 6 separate studio apartments. I live directly across the street at 197 and have been living at this address for the last 30 years. I am not aware that the new owners have obtained the necessary variance or building permits to make this change. And as far as I know, none of the neighbors around here have been consulted on such a major change to our neighborhood.
  • 79 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    This property owner throws full bread loaves and packs of hot dog buns, ripped up, into his side yard (located on Lancaster; the house is on the corner of Lancaster and N Allen), about 4x/wk. It has invited skunks, and one has absolutely taken up residence somewhere on our street. I smell it every day, all day.
    We've tried talking to him about it but I'm not certain he makes the correlation in his own head; in fact, we've seen other behavior that suggests some sort of cognitive issue or neurological decline (like mowing his sidewalk, back and forth).
    I'm hoping someone can talk to him, even if the bread isn't there at the moment - it gets eaten up in under an hour - because this skunk situation is terrible.
  • 84 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills

    84 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12203, USA

    5/27/2019 - So, this person can do whatever they want apparently. No repercussions. No police warning. No tickets for breaking noise ordinance. 530 am the other day. Revving the engine. RIGHT NOW IT'S GOING ON. They just took a car with no plates around the block. Isn't that illegal? The car is behind a grey Impala. This is the tenth time this has been reported.

    Are you going to tell me to call again this time to? Did that. Still nothing. What do we have to do to actually see police enforce the laws they're supposed to uphold?

    Previous post below

    Until 945pm in this location a vehicle with no plates in the driveway revs their engine at a high rpm for almost 20 minutes and then plays a deep bass line music selection in the interval. It continues like this, revving engine and music, revving engine and then music continually long past the 8pm cutoff for noise. This is the only person in a two block radius making the night unbearable for the rest of the neighborhood. It's nice to see my tax money go towards police not doing anything.

  • 799 Chestnut St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    Chestnut St between No. Main & West Lawerence Sts is over run with skunks,rcaoons & possums. They are digging up lawns and plants as they make the trip to 799 Chestnut St for the cat food buffet. They are still feeding strays! Can this be stopped??
  • 76 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    This is the feeding area for the skunks that are making life miserable on N Allen. Yesterday was garbage pickup day and this was not cleaned up and put at the curb. It has been an ongoing problem and debris is scattered on neighboring yards. As the photo shows this blocks the alley and if there were an emergency there would be serious consequences.
  • Pothole Archived
    Breavtor St Albany, New York - Melrose
    Breavator st, while only just over half a mile long there was over 70 patches/holes on it in various states of disrepair. That number is only on one side of the road It is ridiculous for this road to be in this condition.
  • 817 Lancaster St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    City employees disrespect neighborhood
  • 8 Brevator St Albany, NY 12203, USA - Melrose
    How long do we have to have this concrete minefield in our city? It's ruthless.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    74 N Allen St Albany, NY, 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    Trash has not been put out for pickup in over 2 weeks. Trash cans are full and some of the trash (garbage) is laying on the ground, where animals can and have been into it. One trash can has flies in and around the can. This is a continuous issue, that needs to be resolved! There are covers for most of the trash cans, but are not being used. Thank you!
  • 841 Western Avenue Albany New York - Melrose
    On the south side of Western Ave just west of the stop light at Brevator st in the dirt between the street and the sidewalk are 2 metal poles cut off just above ground level. They have jagged edges and are difficult to see. They are right where people board and disembark from the bus. If stepped on someone can turn an ankle, trip or cut themselves. There are sight impaired people who get off and on the bus at this stop. The poles need to be dug out or buried. They will be very hard to see when the leaves or snow cover them.