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  • Ontario St Cohoes, NY - Cohoes
    Only way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls in Saratoga county by bus is to travel via Schenectady which would take one and half hours to go 12 miles. How can you get an job at a Rt 146 mall without a car?
  • 428 Saratoga Street Cohoes, New York - Cohoes
    CDTA operates Northway express buses that run from Saratoga County to Albany they run empty on the return trips. That means Northbound is empty in the AM and Southbound is empty in the PM. Some of these empty return buses could make a stop at EITHER Rt. 32 and Tibbits Ave OR Rt. 32 and 23rd St to pick up passengers for GLOBAL FOUNDRIES. The return buses current pass by these two intersections.
    Current there is no way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls in Saratoga county by bus. How can you get a job at Rt. 146 malls or GLOBAL FOUNDRIES without a car?
  • 50 Willow St Cohoes, NY 12047, USA - Cohoes

    Residents of the Cohoes Hill neighborhood around the area of the Polish-American Association should not have to put up with the bar's music cranked up to volume 10 all night, vibrating everybody's houses and keeping people awake!

    We should also not have to put up with the loud, drunken people staggering out all over the place into the middle of the street and making noise until 1AM every single weekend!

    Not to mention all the drunk drivers who stumble out of the bar and then speed down the residential streets at 50 MPH as if they were racetracks!

    Plus, I'll bet at least 1/2 of the people getting in their cars after a night of boozing it up over there every weekend are repeat DWI's!!

    The other issue is that every Friday and Saturday night, the people who actually LIVE on this street have NO PLACE TO PARK because all the people who go to the bar take up every single parking space on the street!!!

    I LIVE HERE!!! I shouldn't have to park 4 blocks away because every drunk in the city is parked right in front of my doorstep!

    I understand that the Polish Association is a part of this community too, but I think that they and their patrons should be a little more considerate to the residents of this neighborhood who have to try to SLEEP at night!

  • 616-620 Saratoga St Cohoes, NY 12047, USA - Cohoes
    The stop light in front of Hot Dog Charlies is not needed. When it was blinking during the daytime, traffic was flowing so smooth. Take it out all together.
  • Bridge St Cohoes, NY 12047, USA - Cohoes
    The Rail Road crossing is very rough almost bad enough to get stuck on.
  • 112th St Troy, NY 12182, USA - Cohoes

    There are MANY lights out on the 112th St. Bridge.

    They need to be repaired. I would estimate approximately 75% of them are not working. This is a very poor reflection on the City of Troy.

  • Central Ave Cohoes, NY - Cohoes
    Central Ave in Cohoes is too narrow for parking on both sides, especially with comercial business trucks and equiptment parked on the street and sidewalks.
  • 196 Saratoga St Cohoes, NY - Cohoes
    On NY Route 32 southbound, there is a sign with the highway numbers on it which is COMPLETELY covered by overgrown trees. The Highway Departement needs to cut back all the overgrowth on this street, so that the road signs are more visible!!
  • 216 Mohawk Street Cohoes, New York - Cohoes

    This intersection looks like the streets of New Delhi, India during rush hours when a train is crossing!

    Yesterday at 4:45PM, approximately 20-30 vehicles were waiting on each street at Mohawk St., Columbia St., Bridge Ave., Remsen St., and Cohoes Rd. for the train to cross.

    I was on Mohawk St. headed south. My vehicle was stopped and waiting for the train just like everyone else was. As soon as the train passed by, 5-6 cars peeled-out and violently passed me and 4 other cars on the left side of the road in order to make the left turn over the railroad crossing, in order to get to Interstate 787!

    The chaos and agressive road-rage that this intersection causes is intolerable! Someone is going to get killed here because of this horrific bottleneck which needs to be completely reconstructed NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 2 Devlin Street Cohoes, NY - Cohoes
    when entering or exitng onto N Mohawk, the manner in which the parking for residents is set up, the road is often narrowed to a single lane. there are markings indicating this is a two lane road but withing 30 feet of the entrance, there is parking permitted narrowing the road to a single lane making it difficuult for drivers to enter or exit if there is another vehicle in the oncoming lane.
  • 2-12 Strong Pl Cohoes, NY 12047, USA - Cohoes
    pot hole at end of vliet st in cohoes at summit .this is the worse in this section,ck out whole st ,it is terrible
  • 60 Vliet Street cohoes - Cohoes
    Fill sunken manhole covers in Cohoes