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  • 23-29 Hosmer St Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    it is not a "new construction request" but we do need additional recycling carts. currently we have approx. 200 residents with only 5 carts available. The issue is only with out recycling, but the carts we have are all blue, not green, so I put "both" for the carts with issues. (sorry if confusing/coded incorrectly) the photo attached was from the morning of July 23rd, so it would be another 10 days before our next recycling pickup. :-(
  • Pothole Archived
    540 Concord Rd Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Several potholes. Very bad road. This section of road has deteriorated over the last five years. We were all so excited to hear DPW would be paving a portion of Concord three years ago, but alas the project only included upto Stow rd intersection. Please issue a long term fix for this section. It’s very bad driving and accident prone as people swerve to avoid potholes in this section of road.
  • 106–120 Granger Blvd Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    This is still not working. If you stop at the Light it doesn’t Turn green and if you pull up it doesn’t work it just doesn’t work you cannot take a left Onto Granger Boulevard from Newton Street. There are a few exceptions I have seen it turn green a couple of times in the past month but for the most part you wait five minutes it doesn’t turn green and you take a right on red. Been over a month now please take another look.
  • 357 Brigham Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough

    Speeding on Brigham Street is an ongoing and dangerous problem. One thing that may help is increasing the number of speed limit signs on Brigham Street. As it is now, the distance between speed limit signs is inconsistent, and there are long stretches where there are no speed limit signs at all. The worst example is just east of the Jericho Hill Rec Center, where the distance between signs is a half-mile. Can we please get more speed limit signs added to Brigham Street?

    The attached images show the distance between signs between Clover Hill Street and Maple Street. For example, when traveling east from Clover Hill, the distance to the first sign is 203ft. The second sign is 1584ft from the first, and so on.
    The speeding and reckless driving on Brigham St is a seriously problem that I really hope will be addressed by the city.

  • Traffic Signs Archived
    146 Prospect St Marlborough, MA, 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Hello I have worked with the MPD in the winter about putting up Speed Limit Signage on Prospect St as it becomes dangerous when the traffic is heavy such as between 4:30-6:30PM weekly and on weekend nights. I have been in dangerous situations as well as my neighbors where backing out or in our driveways almost lead to an accident because someone is flying down the road and doesn't care to stop let alone slow down for people parking. Also it is an issue when there is a lot of cars parked on the street specifically in the middle near 146 Prospect St where the road almost becomes a 1 car width but both directions of cars will not yield or slow down for the hazard parked cars. The MPD placed the portable radar but this was also in the Winter and have not heard back on a permanent solution. I see on here most of the time this is what happens and the residents of Prospect St especially those like myself with children would very much appreciate Speed Limit signage. The study as it is called places this and then monitors for traffic violations however this is ineffective as people can see this from a far enough distance that speeders will and do slow down before setting these off which is why I say Speed Limit signs do work. On the Marlborough website, this street does not even have an official Speed Limit and I see delivery trucks and buses that are going 40MPH+ and it should really be 25MPH. For those who will say Speed Limit signs do not work, I say I was a terrible driver as a teen, one of the drivers that I am talking about and yes, Speed Limit signs do work. When I and others saw Speed Limit signs that were clear in your face, good location not hard to see, we knew if we got caught speeding there would be no way to talk our way out of the speeding violation. So please, consider the little amount of money that taxpayers pay to make another Marlborough street safer for its residents. If only 1 is posted, the best area would be on the telephone pole in front of 155 Prospect St as this is right when speeders start to gain speed as they roll faster down the hill towards Lincoln St. I have seen too many times a speeding car or truck almost collide with another car or delivery truck going down this hill while a car is turning onto Prospect from Brimsmead. Thank you
  • 123 Framingham Rd Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
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  • Traffic Signs Archived
    Glenn Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    The sign at the 99 restaurant in Marlboro that says no right turn onto Glenn St. has been knocked down is just laying on the ground. Customers are not supposed to turn right onto Glenn St. from that exit.
  • 91 Granger Blvd Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    the crosswalk signal has been beeping non stop for 3 days straight regardless of people using it or pressing the button
  • Lincoln And Bolton Street Intersection Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Can you adjust the timing of the Bolton Street traffic signal for traffic heading west on Lincoln Street? At all times of the day traffic is backed up and clogged because the signal only allows for just a few cars to go through the intersection. Since Lincoln Street is a major cut through to access 495 and Rt. 20 West the traffic signal should be adjusted to increase the time of the green light for traffic heading West. There appears to be more traffic heading West on Lincoln than North and South on Bolton Street. Thank you!
  • Pothole Archived
    17 Kenney Ln Marlborough, MA 01752, USA - Marlborough
    Kenney Lane. and Bellows Cir
  • 106–120 Granger Blvd Marlborough 01752, United States - Marlborough
    The traffic signal at the corner of newton Street and granger blvd is not working.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    2-16 Newton Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Sidewalks on East Side of Newton have cracked and split, NOT from frost heave but from Tree Roots,etc. causing trip hazards to ALL waklers/whel chairs. This was reported last year and 'temporary blacktop patching was done, but the issue persists closer to the tree's. Would appreciate a permanent fix by DPW this Sping. I, personally observed a woman who tripped her while the DPW repaired the street drains),,, ( Nice work), but she appeared un-injured.