Smithtown Traffic Safety Dept.

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  • 454/347 Open
    454/347 At Gatewood Drive - Hauppauge
    Patch in roadway causes LOUD noises when passed over by tractor trailers. All night long. Can this be repaired?
  • 185 Adams Ave Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA - Hauppauge
    craterholes along the intersection of Adams avenue turn signal when bearing left turn onto Motor parkway, Hauppauge.
  • Partridge Drive Commack, NY - Commack

    The newly paved street in front of my driveway was damaged due to stump equipment used at neighbors house across the street.

    On July 19, 2013 a town stump was removed from neighbor house across street on partridge drive commack (between Ronde and Gannet)
    Damages done by machine tracks when turning on the hot pavement dug deep ruts and bumps on asphalt. Job by Reliable Tree Service of Smithtowm.
    Plywood could have been used to prevent damages.
    (Tree was removed weeks earlier and they returned to do stump at this time)

  • Motor Pkwy & Moreland Rd Hauppauge, NY - Brentwood
    The traffic lights in this area including Wicks Rd and Expwy are not timed correctly. This leads to a serious grid lock issue every day at 5 o'clock and MUST be corrected.
  • 174-176 Lawrence Road (Corner Of Boxwood Drive) Kings Park, New York - Kings Park
    Town tree (between sidewalk and curb) fell during Superstorm Sandy and its roots had uplifted several sections of sidewalk. The tree and broken sidewalk sections were subsequently removed by the town and temporarily replaced with sand. Additionally, nearby spots of front lawn and some grass between sidewalk and curb near to remaining intact sections of sidewalk were torn up when town used heavy equipment to lift broken tree limbs that they had moved from in the street onto the lawn and then when they had returned at a later time to pick up these limbs. These areas also need new top soil and to be seeded. Lastly, the curb and roadbed along curb was also damaged and is breaking apart. When is this location being scheduled for installation of new sidewalk sections, curb/road repair along with adjacent new top soil and grass seeding? Town of Smithtown - Please kindly update with estimated timeframe.
  • 100 Motor Parkway hauppauge, NY - Smithtown (village)
    This light needs to be retimed. What a mess every night at 5:00 p.m.
  • Corner Of Gilbert & Terry Road Smithtown, NY - Nesconset
    This tree stump has been blocking the right view of the road since storm Sandy. It is sticking out so far (see photo) that it is very hard to see oncoming traffic. I have to drive my 5 year old to Branch brook Elementary everyday and it is so dangerous to cross Terry road. I have emailed the town of Smithtown twice and posted to the Smithtown Patch on Facebook, yet no one gets back to me or does anything about has been weeks.
  • Henry Street Smithtown, NY - Commack
  • 24 Sherry Lane Hauppauge, NY - Hauppauge
    Streed was re-paved 2 years back and since then, water accumulates at the bottom of my driveway all the time, summer and winter. This poses a hazard in summer months with mosquito potential and tracking of dirty water and sand onto the driveway and eventually into my house. During the winter months, there is often times frozen water in this location. This is a hazard to those walking across that area.
  • Town Commons Dr Smithtown, NY 11787, USA - Nesconset
    Huge pothole at intersection of Town Commons Road and Coventry Lane.
  • N Country Rd Smithtown, NY 11787, USA - Smithtown (village)
    road is deteriorating badly on the eastbound lane of rt 25A , at or near the trestle of the LIRR, between the Woodlawn Ave and Edgewood Rd. intersections.
  • Partridge Drive commack, New York - Commack

    there are 2 street lights out on Partridge Drive in Commack they are out for several weeks! The block is very dark, please repair.
    cross streets are Ronde and Grouse Place.

    one is between house # 7-9 the other between # 3-5.