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About 1 mile south of nine mile feed. Where the high water is almost up to the Road. A big dip in the southbound lane seems to be growing.

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  • 1331 S. Ferrall St. Spokane, Washington - Lincoln Heights
    The corner of S. Ben Burr Blvd and S. Ferrall St has the pavement sinking, There is a traffic cone there to avoid a sink hole and the rest of the intersection is sinking.
  • 3404 S Helena St Spokane WA 99203, United States - Lincoln Heights
    Large stump in road
  • 8701 Cherry Lane Spokane, Washington - Five Mileprairie
    Street light on Cherry Lane between 8701 and 8705 is burned out. On Five Mile by intersection of Strong Rd and Cherry Ln
  • 23311 E Henry Road Liberty Lake, WA - Spokane County
    there are two potholes on opposite sides of Henry road about 2-300 yards downhill from the intersection with Quinimose rd. These need to be repaired before winter or they will get much larger.
  • 13501 East 24th Avenue Spokane Valley, Washington - Spokane Valley
    On 24th from HWY 27 all the way to Sullivan there are a couple of signs saying Bicycle route but no lines painted and we have cars parking in the lanes. As a bicyclist I need to either go around them into the road or ride on the sidewalk until I get around the cars.
  • 320 E 40th Ave Spokane, WA, 99203, USA - Comstock
    Street light is across from Spokane River. The area of s VERY dark without the light. The road is gravel/dirt without sidewalks. It is difficult to walk to my home without risking falling on the uneven surface without the street light to illuminate the area. Because it is dark by 4:30 pm, it is imperative that the light be repaired as soon as possible.
  • East Henry Road Past Intersecion With Quinimose Road Spokane, Washington - Spokane County
    request the road to be paved to end of county road about 1/2 to 5/8 mile. This road is step and very bumpy with very dusty conditions in summer.
  • E Broadway Ave & N Evergreen Rd Spokane Valley, WA, 99216, USA - Spokane Valley
    A cop drove over a manhole in the intersection of Evergreen and Broadway the lid flipped up into the air landing in the intersection with the manhole wide open. This is a serious road/accident hazard and i dont know where else to post about it! Called city services and couldnt get through.
  • 2509 E Golden Rd Spokane, WA, 99208, USA - Spokane County
    Hoping someone from the county will see this. Requesting a new street light could be installed in the vicinity of 2509 E Golden Rd, Spokane, 99208. It's very dark along this section of road and people coming down the hill often don't see me or my neighbor across the street as we're exiting our driveway at night. It's almost caused a few accidents. A street light illuminating this section of road would help immensely, especially in the winter when the road is slick. Thanks
  • 8914 E Knox Spokane Valley, Washington - Spokane Valley
    cars drive off the road when they hit these ruts that are getting bigger and bigger everyday