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Monitor conditions on the Santa Ana River Trail in Orange County CA

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  • 5290-5298 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - US Congressional District CA44
    Couch, stove and bags of trash have been illegal dumped at the end of Green River Road at the Santa Ana River.
  • Ca-91 W Corona 92880, United States - Corona
    On billboard entering Corona. Littlest the first thing when you cross the Orange County city line. It looks horrible and trashy.
  • 4903-5119 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona
    The tunnel underneath the 91 off green river rd needs to be inspected and locked due to homeless encampments being made on the hill south of freeway. I looked at county road map and can see the tunnel portion is in the city. Those homeless people may cause potential fire that will go into the city. If you think another entity should handle tunnel please notify them. I understand the ranch is abandoned.
  • 4901 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona
    Hello, my name is Gene Vuyovich and I took over management of Green River Village July 29th. Residents had brought to my attention that last year the request to have this drain fixed was reported last year. In every rain the river bed next to the homes gets worse. We are located at the lowest point of Green River Rd and a flood zone. We need this fix to help us avoid one more challenge to the community.
  • 5291-5299 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - US Congressional District CA44
    Washer tv debris dumped
  • 5235-5289 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona
    5-7 piles of broken car window glass from break-ins at the River Trail Public Street parking on Green River road in front of the golf course. Still inside city limits. Also dumped lumber, broken TV and trash.
    Needs removal as soon as possible, before some gets hurt on that glass. The photo is just 2 of the piles of glass there are a few more along the same curb.
  • Other Acknowledged
    4998 Green River Rd Corona CA 92880, United States - Corona
    This Area need street lights/parking lights install for safet. It's very dangerous by the time it reach the evening hours by 5pm. It's very dark. Also it had been becoming a trash dump station. Please provide our community with some light post for safety on using the parking lots for those of us using the bike trails. Thanks ,
  • 5215-5233 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona
    On green river at trail parking is couch and other debris
  • 5215-5233 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona

    There are overgrown bushes covering 40% of the side walk. Many cyclists ride this sidewalk too. These bushes are blocking sight view and that will be a safety concern, especially over the weekend when it is very busy. These bushes need to be removed so the city don't have to clear the area every few months.

    Also, I highly recommend to construct a bike ramp at the end of the cul-de-sac, so cyclists can ride straight to river trail without using the sidewalk. This will be a great safety improvement for this heavily used river trail.


  • 5215-5233 Green River Rd Corona, CA, 92880, USA - Corona

    If the City has jurisdiction, please install the missing bollard. Vehicles are getting in and going through the tunnel to the other side then crossing the abandoned ranch and into the park. There is a lot of graffiti, trash and remnants of illegal activity.

    If the city does not have jurisdiction, please let me know.


  • 4997-4999 Green River Road Corona, California - Corona
    Drain clogged. Please remove sediment
  • Green River / Ridgeline Corona, California - Chino Hills
    This at&t box has been damaged with wires sticking out for weeks. This is in an area where school kids walk to and from school. Needs to be taken care of.