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  • Linnaean St & Raymond St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Ever since Garden Street became one way, Raymond has been inundated with cars, trucks, school buses, and delivery vehicles. Raymond isn’t wide enough to accommodate all this extra traffic, along with heavy pedestrian use and cyclists. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or worse unless something is done about this. Cars need to be directed away from Raymond into larger streets. At a minimum, we need to have no turns onto Raymond from 7-9am and 5-7pm.
  • Raymond St & Walden St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - Neighborhood 9
    Of 50 cars to traverse this 4 way stop intersection at a park corner, only 10 cars came to a complete stop. 20% compliance is an opportunity for serious injury. Some cars did not come to a complete stop even when children were crossing the intersection. This is typical when I do this counting.
  • 1922 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    Please repaint the crosswalks on Mass Ave near Porter Square. It’s been weeks since the road was repaved, and now holiday madness is upon us. It’s already too dangerous to cross the road, and it’s only going to get worse. The city is at risk of a lawsuit, or worse. The crosswalks need to be put in NOW.
  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - Agassiz-Harvard
    Unfair targeting to cyclists and citation blitz by Cambridge Police Officers in bike lane south of Porter Station on Mass Ave in an area where cars, delivery drivers, ride share vehicles are constantly and dangerously parked in bike lane on Mass Ave from Harvard Square to Porter Square, yet are never targeted by local police. I commute through this area every day for the past year and this misuse of community of public resources is as outrageous and misguided as it is an abuse of authority
    against cyclists instead of drivers. In an area that is so hostile to cyclists and commuters on bicycles, how can this police action be justified?
  • Mead St Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Drivers around rush hour (3pm-8pm) are recklessly driving down Mead st every day often cutting into the wrong lane on Walden st towards mass ave to cut past traffic. Multiple times today alone I was at risk of being hit both as a driver and a pedestrian. They swing around the corner with no visibility often at an inappropriate speed. It is a two way street only large enough for one car at a time and as a resident it becomes unsafe to drive up the street towards Walden st (the opposite direction from these reckless drivers). Exiting driveways is also extremely unsafe, I was almost killed while exiting a driveway today by a car that raced down the street and stopped barely a foot away from hitting me while I was still perpendicular to the road while backing out. He had to go around me because he didn't give me enough space to straighten out and even get close to making room for him to pass appropriately. This street is not equip to handle this kind of traffic. There are children living on this street and it is terrifying for 5 hours of the day. There was a cop placed in front of the street once but had no impact by the next week. What is needed is a sign for residents only even just for the afternoon. PLEASE HELP! This is really really scary and nothing has been done despite my own as well as other complaints I've heard being made by others.
  • 60-64 Walden Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    Pedestrian crossing missing across Walden St at the intersection with Richdale Ave on the north side of the intersection. (The other three pedestrian crossings, two across Richdale Ave on either side of Walden St, and one across Walden St on the south side of the intersection, are present.) This is a particularily popular intersection for commuters walking to Porter Sq. Adding the fourth pedestrian crossing would increase safety of existing crosswalks by preventing vehicles from being parked close to the intersection along Walden St, thereby increasing visibility. It would also make corner store more easily accessible, increasing number of visitors, making the neighborhood livelier and more pleasant. Already existing speed limits, speed limit sign on Walden St approaching the intersection from the north, length of plateau on commuter rail overpass, and already existing all-way stop signs ensure that vehicle operators coming from north can safely yield to pedestrians at proposed crosswalk.
  • Van Norden St & Yerxa Rd Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    An opening in the fence or gate in conjunction with the curb cut would allow better access to the school yard and reduce congestion on the sidewalk during arrival/dismissal.
  • Huron Ave & Rc Kelley St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    The traffic on Huron going from Concord to Garden is now backed up for several hours a day (due to the change on Garden St). Signals at both intersections need to be adjusted so that the Concord and Huron intersection is not blocked by the line of cars (which makes people start maneuvering around and thats unsafe for pedestrians and bikers alike). And the lights at Huron and Garden need to be adjusted now that there are so many more cars approaching on Huron, it can take 4+ light cycles to get from Concord to Garden between 2 and 7 pm.
  • 1702 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge 02138, United States - Neighborhood 9
    The crosswalk light at Mass Avenue and Garfield is out and has been out for two days. A lot of families rely on this traffic light to cross for school.
  • Hurlbut St & Linnaean St Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    This car one Hurlbut St had its front end knocked off and is the 3rd car to get visibly dinged at the mouth of Hurlbut and Linnaean in the last 2-3 weeks. Cars fly off Linnaean to cut down to Mass Ave and often never look to see a car coming up Hurlbut—the street is too narrow to accommodate two cars, so a car must pull over and yield to the other. The incidents of near collision, amount of traffic and incidents of reckless speeding have been on the rise. Is there something in the Traffic toolbox to calm this — a one way to Martin would make sense but then that just shifts the scenario to other streets. Restrictive access during rush hour is another idea as is police monitoring.
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    193 Concord Ave Cambridge MA 02138, United States - Neighborhood 9

    Waiting for bus at Concord and Huron Traffic backed up in all directions But that isn't exactly what I am reporting

    In 10 minutes I have observed seven adults on bicycles riding on the sidewalk on either side of Concord and five riding against traffic on the westbound side of Concord

    I think these bicyclists have by their actions demonstrated that the Garden Street changes are not what they want They are also not what the neighborhood wants

    Two more on the sidewalk as I write this And my bus is late, undoubtedly stuck in traffic the Garden Street changes caused

    If the bikes don't use it and the neighbors don't want it let's get rid of this failed experiment

  • 221-253 Rt-16 Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge

    There has been a resumption of speeding by large trucks and motorcycles on Fresh Pond between Concord and Huron, beginning at 4:00 am.

    These vehicles are traveling at highway speeds - not 25 mph as listed. This seems very unsafe. Could you post a policeman with a traffic gun?