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  • 2201 Norton Way Antioch 94509, United States - Antioch
    Homeless encampment on the railroad right of way next to the Animal Clinic on A Street.
    The city needs to create a point of contact between the railroad security department and the City of Antioch so that these continued encampments can be dealt with in a more expedient manner. This is not a good image for the Animal Clinic.
  • 815 Sunset Dr Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    Homeless encampment behind Antioch Mini Storage. Red tent and garbage is starting to collect back there.
  • 2100 A St Railroad Ave, antioch, CA - Antioch
    the homeless camp behind central self storage has scattered a large amount of trash around there tents. this is terrible. its one thing to need a place to sleep but another to trash out a entire area. this leads to rodent, bugs, and wild/stray animals . we need to do something about this problem. just pushing people down the tracks is not working. it hurts are businesses, it hurts are city, it hurts are people. the homeless problem is out of control. we need to do something about this now
  • 3674-3920 Deer Valley Road Antioch, California - Antioch
  • 2999 Delta Fair Boulevard Antioch, CA 94509, United States of America - Antioch
    Graffiti on wall and garbage all over the ground again across from the old Food 4 Less. Someone has set up camp behind one of the planters also.
  • 512 W 9th St Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    How has this mess been allowed for so long! clean this up! Drove by today and there's people with cars full of junk looking at the junk or picking up junk who knows, whatever. It looks horrible.
  • 1800 A St Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    There is a homeless encampment full of debris in the rear of the gas station in the Grocery Outlet shopping center.
  • Bank Of America Shopping Center On 18th Street Antioch, California - Antioch
    Ive reported this about 10 days ago and was notified it was taken care of.......obviously it it looks like a little city, they might apply for their own zip code soon
  • Other Archived
    Antioch CA, USA - Antioch
    Jacobsen park needs to be fixed. My children and the other children of the neighborhood should have a nice park to play at.
  • 203 Sunset Dr Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    Female is throwing items including clothing all over sidewalk. There are a lot of items blocking pathway. This is located on Cavallo right under the RR tracks.
  • 2101-2107 Cavallo Road Antioch, California - Antioch
    Homeless camp south of the railroad over-crossing. They park and use the open lot at Gary and Cavallo Rd for access. There are no trespassing signs posted here. They also constantly leave garbage in the street on this corner.
  • 2111 Hillcrest Ave Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    this is a recurring homeless encampment that had been reported multiple times with no action taken.