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  • 3900-3962 West Blakely Avenue Northeast Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Water is pouring out of a power line pole at the NE corner of Oddfellows and W Blakely. There is a traffic cone there, but it just doesn't look right. This corner is a city and school bus stop where lots of kids, including my own, and people congregate.
  • 10901 Ne Bill Point Dr Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Climbing up the right of way are several blackberry bushes growing up and in to the power wires. (Phone line cables) I was told that we were not to try to cut these because of their proximity to the power lines and telephone cables. We would also request the removal or trimming of the blackberry bushes as I thought they were in the noxious weed category for Kitsap County. Thank you.
  • 8911 Sands Ave Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    Unpermitted structure in wetland buffer being used as living space. Structure has electricity and woodstove. Not sure what plumbing or septic if any......
  • 150 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island

    This is the third time this issue has been posted here this month.

    Friday afternoon this trash receptacle was maxed out again with trash jammed in. The door is stuck and trash is being dumped on top and on the ground on Saturday. Another trash receptacle needs to be installed at this location or else daily pickup is mandatory, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    Saturday morning started out with it overflowing because it hadn't been emptied Friday. This is repeated every weekend as the eateries on the Winslow and Madison side generate a very high level of garbage because they are mainly take out.
    Could another couple of garbage cans be added at least through the summer? It reflects so poorly about our community to have heaps of garbage on the ground every weekend.
    Could the Public Works also put on their schedule to power wash the receptacle sometime? The handle and receptacle are sticky with spilled coffee and food as well as the sidewalk around it.
    Thank you!

  • 9495–9497 Bucsit Ln Ne Bainbridge Island WA 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Digging to power line has led to increased waterflow over a private dirt road No permits have been made available nor are they posted They had an exposed power pole and dug across the road without informing anyone We also have an issue with our rose washing out regularly, and the city will only dump gravel The potholes are back within 3 weeks So if this is a city project the city needs to make sure they fix the road washing away as well
  • Bainbridge Island WA, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Medium sized limb on power lines
  • 3890 W. Blakely Ave Ne Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    The new PSE undergrounding of the power line has its termination at the corner of W. Blakely and Oddfellows. The water from the pipe is spraying into the road from about 30 ft up. This is the Route 98 bus stop, certainly presents a hazard in freezing weather, and appears to eroding the homeowner's hillside. Perhaps a drain that feeds into the culvert to the west (under W. Blakely) would be a way to keep the water out of the road. It's really disappointing to see this apparently defective design in place on the island.
  • 10399 Ne Pine Way Bainbridge Island, Washington - Bainbridge Island
    An undeveloped parcel, no. 022402-1-005-2007, was purchased last year. The new owner has obtained water service, and in the process I am pretty sure he cut the asphalt on NE Pine Way without repairing it. At the SW corner of the parcel, he put up a tall fence in my access easement, which he recently moved after I had it surveyed (at no small expense). He has put up several small buildings, one of which is about 20 ft high and may be a dwelling; it is not far (20 ft?) from an overhead power line and i am a little concerned for his safety. Another structure obviously crosses into my neighbor's property. I am not certain whether he is observing the setbacks required by City Ordinance; he certainly is not honoring the parcel lines with his neighbors. A pre-application for construction of a residence was submitted by the previous owner (PLN50583) in 2016 but I can't find evidence that any of the recent construction has been done with a permit, and I would like someone to verity that the construction is safe, permitted, and compliant.
  • Leaf blowing Archived
    501-569 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    I Really appreciate the great clearing of leaves from sidewalks! It looks great and makes commuting safe! Let's shift these gasoline powered machines to electric powered. The gas ones are extremely loud, and emit an enormous amount of emissions. An easy switch can make a big impact! Thank you.
  • Road Issue Archived
    6425 Ne Hidden Cove Rd Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    Utility down blocking our driveway. Reported to PSE who thinks it’s not a power line.
  • 10646 Ne Valley Rd Bainbridge Island WA 98110, United States - Bainbridge Island
    Huge broken branch in power lines; looks like a life safety issue.
  • Road Issue Archived
    Hilltop Dr Ne & Ne Virginia Ct Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, USA - Bainbridge Island
    On Virginia Ct NE just past the intersection with Hilltop Dr are some low hanging cables which span across Virginia Ct NE diagonally that prevent some delivery vans from accessing homes on this street. We have had two delivery vans decline to deliver products we had ordered, also true with neighbors. I contacted PSE, who investigated, and confirmed the low cables were NOT power, but in fact media cables. I contacted Xfinity, who also investigated, and then promptly closed the issue has having been resolved, which it is not.