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  • 20 Erie St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    So this sidewalk is just gone now, not fit for public use, not fit for walking dogs, totally disgusting. It's just Talde's trash area. The sidewalks are never cleaned. The trash is dragged around, the sidewalk is disgusting, smells disgusting, looks disgusting. Talde has little dignity anyway, as a business, but this is insane and the city should step in. Apparently they've been fined before, but they have a lot of money, I don't think they were moved by the fine. Last time I submitted a complaint I was told this was a public health issue and I should recategorize this but this is a business complaint.
  • 4th Street jersey city, new jersey - Downtown

    I doubt someone in a Jersey City government agency will be able to offer a lucid explanation for this, but why was a street that was repaved less than 2 weeks ago cut open for construction? Really? Are there any functioning city government departments? This demonstrates the absolutely poor job of Jersey City's government -- the left hand waves to the constituency while the right hand give us the finger.

    Jersey City - make it yours ... because Jersey City's inept government doesn't care enough to make it theirs!

  • 25 Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The fountain in Hamilton Park has standing water which can breed mosquitoes which is clearly unsafe and a health hazard. It took over two years to get the fountain repaired and it never seemed to run properly. However now it is not working and the base is full of water, which is very unsanitary.
  • 255 York St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The residents at 255 York Street have been pumping raw sewage directly on the sidewalk and into the road for YEARS. On near daily basis the smell of human waste on this block is overpowering and it is dangerous to the health of anyone walking down York Street as they will then track raw sewage on their shoes wherever they go. Over the years concerned neighbors have contacted the Hudson Regional Health Commission, JCMUA and JCPD yet nothing has ever been done and the residents continue to pump this disgusting and dangerous waste. What can be done?
  • 217 Fourth Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Trash bins left outside in the front of building filled with mosquito infested water. No one can sit out front with being bombarded by mosquito bites. Danger to pregnant women. The water has putrefied and emits a foul smell in neighboring buildings and as people walk by. Health hazard to community. Eyesore to neighbors.
  • Construction Archived
    418 1st St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    No sidewalk or path to walk down street. Have reported condition to police Public Safety and department of public works over the last couple weeks and issue still exists
  • 240 1st St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    It is apparent through this app and walking the streets of thriving Jc that we still have a HUGE issue among us and it is the excessive garbage and litter that is seen spewing about EVERYWHERE. Someone on the board please dedicate a crew to collecting the litter off our many residential streets, those from grand street to 4street between Marin and jersey would be a sufficiently start. Or fire the sanitation department staff and hire a new crew. I'm absolutely SICK and TIRED of finding my garbage or recycling strewn about the street the morning after a collection night. I could easily go and throw all of my garbage on the street myself. But that is DISGUSTING. And apparently we pay people to take away our garbage!? So I expect them to do their job. They have ONE job. Collect the trash, I know it's not rocket science but our current trash team seems NOT to understand. It is not pleasant either to walk by the low income housing and find open litter of cigar wrappers and alcohol bottles. Enough is enough.
  • 176-182 Merseles St Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA - Downtown
    Idling daily for over 1 hour immediately adjacent to park and school creating unhealthy air quality for children. Everyday at pickup
  • 243a 2nd Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown

    Poorly painted bicycle lane on Second Street between Erie and Grove:

    These photos offer a great visual on how poorly Jersey City's Government conducts and contracts their business. These lines were horribly painted. It is obvious that there was no review by the appropriate government agency to oversee and ensure that contracted work performed on city streets is properly completed.

    Additionally, why is it that citizens of this city need to be the individuals documenting these issues? Poor street line painting? Zero parking enforcement? Poor public trash can emptying? Litter on streets? Do any city departments go out, walk around, and perform a visual assessment? From the picture, no.

  • 48 Wayne Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The sanitation department tried to pull a garbage can between my car and the car behind me scratching the bumper on my new car. The can wouldn't fit so they left the garbage between the two cars hoping to hide the damage they caused.
  • 423 Second St. Jersey City, NJ 07302 - Downtown
    I reported this homeowner in the past for putting recyclables, garbage and bulk garbage on Friday night and pick up for recyclables & bulk items is not until the next Thursday. I was told by the RRC that this is LEGAL. Well, again, the homeowner has put out mattresses which attracted a drunk homeless man. This area is near the Dr. Conti school and kids walk this block everyday. This is no longer a sanitation issue but now a health and safety issue.
  • 260 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    New restaurant at 260 Newark Avenue SubCulture is storing garbage and other restaurant/kitchen related items in the alleyway that runs behind all the properties along Newark Avenue between Monmouth and Coles Streets. Please have someone from Health Dept. and DPW visit site. Thanks!