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  • 1219 Ne Kellam Ave Topeka, KS, 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    This is a DOPE HOUSE that has a lot of traffic and getting more foot traffic I'm afraid of someone getting hurt due to wondering in the wrong yard something needs to be done ASAP!!!!!
  • 716 Ne Chester Ave Topeka 66616 United States - City of Topeka Council District 2
    The house has multiple people coming and going at all hours. They come in cars on bikes on foot always different people. Some come back after a few days or weeks. May be drug related. I am not sure. There are people living in a shed on the property in the backyard that is for a mower or tools. Not a dwelling. I do not know if the house is rented or owner occupied.
  • 1212 Ne Chester Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Homeless man still camping in garage of abandoned property. Possible drug activity and Health/ Sanitation issues. FYI follow to case 5090844 that said the issue had been dealt with, but apparently has not been entirely resolved.
  • 619 Ne Forest Ave Topeka, KS, 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    i drive by this place everyday. i have relatives on this block who are afraid to call because of retaliation. there seems to be some retaliation going on against the next door neighbor to the south right now. they have a sign up pointing to that house with slander on it. their yard is full of old broke down vehicles. pulled in backwards so you cant see the tags. its been like this for a very long time. why cant anyone stop it? i'm afraid for my relatives. they have a dog that is aggressive and often is out running around. my relative has a child. does it really take years to get this problem taken care of? when you see what they do to one neighbor, its scares the rest. property values are ruined by this. please help!!
  • 1205 Ne Michigan Ave Topeka, KS 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Junk all over the property. On the porch, in the yard, etc. Ongoing issue.
  • Street Repair Archived
    1307a Ne Seward Ave Topeka, KS 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    The overlay done on the streets in Oakland looks horrible! It looks like they didn't roll it after it was poured. The worst I've seen, so far is the 400 block of Freeman. These pictures show the 300 block of Scotland where they completely covered the cement gutters, including covering part of the storm drain grate. They left a dip next to the concrete alley behind the Pizza Parlor, so water stands in it. The third picture shows how the surface isn't smooth. It's in the 300 block of Wilson, where they didn't cover the gutters, but it looks so sloppy. I can't believe the city hired someone who does such shoddy work. Seward Avenue shows how good it can be. I can't stress enough how completely horrible the side streets look! Please go look at Freeman between Division and Seward. It makes me sick to see how completely awful it is!
  • 1030 Ne Michigan Ave Topeka, KS, 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    This is the 2nd car that catches on fire cause my neighbor and the 50 people that live in this 2 bedroom house have done nothing but illegal stuff. They have this car parked infront of my yard for over 3 weeks. It is not tag or anything. And just on 03/31/2020 it catched on fire and my front yard is all burnt. They have a bunch of untag cars parked all by my front yard and by the parking lot infront of the school. They have stacks of tires and wires and alot of trans in their front yard and specially in their back yard. They have had code compliance on them alot of times but they never do anything. They are always burning wire in their back yard and they burned mattresses and spray cans and a bunch of other stuff. I've had to call the fire department on them so much. One of the guys who live there he got an eviction from that property and he Is still there. They rent the house. I need something done ASAP.
  • 403 Ne Wilson Ave Topeka 66616, United States - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Parking in the yard, driving over sidewalk and curb, muddy mess
  • 630 Ne Michigan Ave. Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 2
    The property owner refuses to mow cause they owe the city a lot of money but the mosquitoes are horrible to the point the kids across the street can't even play outside without getting a million bites on them. Now there are critters coming out of the field. Please help for the kids sake and for there safety.
  • 600 Block Ne Chester - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Car parks in yard. Moves after police come for s couple of days.
  • Alley Archived
    1307a Ne Seward Ave Topeka, KS 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 2
    Picture 1 shows the alley behind my house. Picture 2 shows standing water at my neighbor's that is right over where a sink hole was repaired 2 or 3 years ago. Picture 3 is showing the rest of the T alley south towards Greeley. Obviously these alleys need to be graded.
  • 538 Ne Forest Ave Topeka, KS, 66616, USA - City of Topeka Council District 3
    Does anyone know who I can contact about purchasing the small area of land behind my house that the city maintains? I would like to buy it and build a fence to stop people from driving through my yard to drive through the dead end. Apparently, people don’t know that a posted dead end sign means you shouldn’t drive down that way. These people are destroying my driveway, tearing up the field and one idiot even crashed a stolen car into my house while running from the police. The old foot bridge should never have been removed because there is much more motorized traffic going through an area not meant to be driven on then ever before. I don’t mind kids walking through my yard but the jerks in the white trailblazer keep ignoring the dead end sign. I’m tired of it and if I own the land, I can fence all of it off except the space needed for foot and motorcycle traffic.