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This watch area sends emails to Kevin.Nursick at,Paul.Holmes at on issues surrounding the State owned Bradley Street overpass. Boundaries are rough. To generate more specific boundaries or structured categories for CONN DOT contact

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  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    Bradley And State Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    Another accident, as I write, due to a car pulling out of Bradley Street onto State Street. It is not possible to see oncoming traffic when pulling out of Bradley onto State. There are accidents at this intersection regularly. We have been asking for a solution, and reporting on the accidents, since March of 2012 when we filled out a Complete Streets Application. This intersection really needs a full traffic light. What needs to happen to make progress on this?
  • New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    illegal use of city /park property. Obvious signs of unapproved camping, trash, drug paraphernalia. Please investigate and remove
  • This Could Be... Acknowledged
    738-752 State St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Downtown
    This could be an inviting pedestrian link between new destinations in Nolo, September in Bangkok, and Boiling Soho—grounded establishments of Christopher Martins and D'Legna—and old staples in Goodfellas, L'Orcio, and Modern. St. Stanislaus is a beautiful church in the middle of them all, and Bradley Street Bike Co-op is a community hub. An art project for the walls of the underpass would liven up the area and bring the consistent foot traffic that these places need to thrive.
  • 711 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    We are a group of neighbors who want to paint a mural on the walls of the Trumbull Street underpass on State Street. The site is an underutilized threshold between two neighborhoods, and we believe that injecting color, light, and cleanliness to it will make it more used and loved. The proposed name of the project is "Colorful State".
  • 666 Ferry St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    There is a Homeless Camp that has been setup under the Bridge on the Corner of Ferry & Middletown Ave, if the city wouldn't allow a food truck there how is a homeless camp ok? this is too close for comfort to me and my small Grandbabies who are now Walking home from School thaks to BOE!!
  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    1296 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - Cedar Hill
    My neighbor was struck by a vehicle at this intersection yesterday. There are two crosswalks, but no signage or signals. Drivers have no regard for people crossing and it is challenging to keep an eye behind and in front as the cars can enter the ramp from either direction. Additionally, this intersection is near several bus stops and residents of the neighborhood often need to cross this intersection in order to go to the bus stop or to return home.
  • 1062 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    A mural.

    Every year thousands of fish migrate up the Mill River each day to breed. This phenomena attracts a variety of gorgeous birds. We want to depict this under the highway bridge.

    The attached photo is an example of the work of the artist ARCY, that the applicants would like to work with. For local example see mural on the side of the Stack at the District.

  • Middletown Ave & Ferry St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Quinnipiac
    Traffic lights out at the intersection of Ferry and Middletown Ave, Middletown and HW 91 offramp, and Middletown and Fawn St. I called NHPD, but the number was busy when I tried to select for a directory.
  • East St New Haven CT 06511, United States - East Rock
    There’s an entire sofa set dumped under the overpass. This is a frequent dumping location.
  • 524-560 East St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Mill River

    On this part of East Street there is a camper, the sort that needs to attached to a vehicle and towed - it has been in this general location for at least a month. It is regularly being moved from one side of the street to,the other and the pen back again in an apparent effort to obscure long term parking or vehicle abandonment violations.

    The windows to the camper are covered and it appears in many ways to be unsettling. It may be that it is occupied. It can’t be legal or permissible for this vehicle to be ‘parked’ like this.

  • I-91 N New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Cedar Hill
    A man hole cover has been missing on the State Street sidewalk just below I-91 North for the past 4 days. A 4x4 plank has been placed over it, but the risk to pedestrians remains.
  • 680–682 Ferry St New Haven 06513, United States - Fair Haven
    Homeless moving in ferry Street near Middletown Avenue underneath the I 91 bridge getting larger by the day now they have living room sets kitchen table and chairs this is crazy and the city does not care