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Winthrop Ave & Beachmont

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  • 830 Winthrop Ave Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    44 Pearl Avenue Overgrown Grass
  • 93 Bennington St Revere, MA 02151, USA - East Boston
    As usual this property is being overrun with trash and weeds
  • 115 Bellingham Ave Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    The Public stairs on Bellingham Ave leading to endicott Ave are broken. Someone is going to get really hurt if they don't get fixed
  • 83-143 Bennington St Revere, MA 02151, USA - East Boston
    Over grown grass attn revere city hall and public works Dept attn 911 revere please check area thank you safety issues
  • Sidewalk Archived
    210 Endicott Ave Revere MA 02151 - Revere
    side walk is dangerously elevated
  • 650 Winthrop Ave Revere Massachusetts - Revere
    At the intersection of Winthrop ave and Benington st, there is a sign that forbids Trucks of all kinds to go through, but they do circulate very heavily, trucks with trailers and longest containers, 2 ton 1/2, big construction trucks of all kinds, at any time of the day, at very high speed, like if Winthrop ave, were a highway all the way to Winthrop parkway, at the waterfront, same with cars. This sign for the Trucks is not respected by any means, and there is another sign for No trucks at Winthrop av and Belle isle ave, to Not Enter, and Trucks to turn right, but this signage does not make sense, as none of these trucks will turn at that point, they are already circulating on Winthrop ave, to cut through the traffic and get faster to Winthrop parkway. All these big trucks and cars are speeding at over 40 MPH, when the maximum speed on this street is 25 MPB. There is only one sign speed indicating this limit at the beginning of Winthrop and Bennington, but there is no other speed sign in any section, from point to Winthrop Parkway. Cars and Trucks are speeding due to this reason, and because there is no other stop sigh other than the one at Belle isle ave, after that stop vehicles are speeding increasinglly, as there is no crossroads or busy intersections from both sides, not until you get to to Winthrop Parkway, it is a quite long stretch, and these vehicles are not being monitored whatsoever. This is a big concern, as when cars pass the stop at Belle isle ave, they speed up through a hill, and can't see much, when they get close to Webster st , which is a double lane short street, and sometimes cars enter into Winthrop ave on their left, as there is no Do Not Enter sign, almost causing more accidents. In front of my home I had seen an accident with the circumstances I just described, 2 cars collided with each other, due to one of them turn left on Winthrop ave, from Webster st, 2 police cars came to the scene. I have seen from my house more cars running into each other due to not knowing that Winthrop ave is not a double lane street. We need more Speed signs to reduce it, stop signs, No Trucks signs, in the right spot, as this No Truck sign should be place at Benington st, entrance of Winthrop ave, not at the middle of Winthrop ave, because at that point these trucks they would never turn right, as indicated at Belle isle ave., Trucks are taking this street as a shortcut at high speed, and taking advantage that there is no control, nobody enforcing these turns, in this quite neighborhood, Winthrop ave is turning into a Highway , very busy, and started to break the pavement close to Webster st., it is very hard pull cars from driveway and cross the street with children. Besides correct Speed Signs, well placed, Speed bumps with their own sighs, will definitely prevent this high speeding heavy vehicles to go through, and make this street safer, as the concern of accidents is very high. Thank you.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    209 Endicott Avenue - Revere
    Side is raised about 6 inches of the ground.
  • 162 Bradstreet Ave Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    Bottom of tree needs to be cut, sidewalk is almost impassable. Also Big pots are filled with stagnant water.
  • 545 Revere Beach Parkway Revere, Massachusetts - East Boston
    Please enforce or better indicate that the right-hand lane is for a right-turn to Tomesello Way only, especially during weekday rush hour. As someone who has to get to Beachmont via Winthrop Ave, I consistently have to dangerously yield to drivers who go straight through the intersection.
  • Trash Removal Archived
    16 Crest Ave Revere, Massachusetts - Revere

    Hi, please contact the property owners located at 16 Crest Ave, Revere MA (Tax Map Nr. 003-40-025).

    They have left trash debris, plastic and numerous items for many (many) months on their driveway causing an increase on rat population nearby. Please advise as this matter has caused frustration with the surrounding neighbors. Please send your inspectors to evaluate and find out why the owners refuse to comply with city ordinance.

  • Bellingham Ave Revere, Ma - Revere
    Large plow and sander needed, cars are getting stuck in the snow. Residents can't leave for work (essential personnel).
  • Pothole Archived
    Corner Of Dolphin And Atlantic Ave - Revere
    Corner of Atlantic and Dolphin Avenue